Pre-Announcing Photo Day

We already have a pretty full calender this year, but I’m pleased to propose/announce a new addition — Photo Day!  While everyone has a picture or two of themselves on the beach, standing beside a boat, here’s a chance to get some real frame-it-and-hang-it-on-the-wall worthy action shots on the water.

Here’s what I’m picturing (pun intended):  At some point (some time after at least the first batch of trainees have graduated) we’ll watch the forecast for a nice weekend day with sunshine and decent (but not too strong) winds.  When a good looking day is coming up we’ll notify the membership, and arrange for a photographer to come out to ride along in the power boat for a few hours (we already have a volunteer!)

Rig up your favourite cat or monohull and we’ll do our best to get some great action shots of you — whether you’re flying a hull on one of the cats, hiking out with your kid (or, dare I suggest, spouse) in an Albacore, or planing along on a Laser, we’ll be sure to capture it!  It’s your time to shine, so get ready show off your stuff!

Fun for the family!