2017 Race Night Season Results

It’s that time of the year again — our evening races have come to an end, and we must reflect on the night, the series, and the season.

Aug 31 results

Alas, we did no racing Aug 31.  The cold winds were blowing quite vigorously (11 gusting 16 is my estimate) and were quite shifty.  Most people thought that the nice warm KSC fireplace was more inviting that the choppy water.  This of course didn’t stop Ken from trying to set some to-Quebec-and-back speed records in the Laser, Carla from getting good practice in on the Byte, and Jason/Steve daring to get the 29er out (with only 2 capsizes!)  Good times, and good company afterwards.

Summer Series 2 results!

Our Summer Series 2 was held over 5 weeks in August, traditionally the lightest-wind month of the year.  We had to cancel 2 nights (Aug 3 due to low wind, Aug 31 due to high wind) and only 5 races over the course of those 3 weeks.   The nights we did have were fairly low-key light air races, but we did get some fun on the water.  I personally learned that Hobie 18s don’t come out of their tacks with speed like dinghies do, and that cost me more than a few starts.

Congrats to Steve who took the “old salts” award for the series (4 points), and to Yona who scored the best rookie (34 points)!

Complete series results posted to http://kanatasailingclub.com/sailing/racing/

2017 Season Results

This is it, the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  We got 26 races in over the course of the 15 weeks in the season (12 weeks actually sailed) and had 38 sailors scored in at least one race.  Jason started out strong (a few 1st place finishes in the cold spring when the field was narrow) but Carla had caught up by the end of the Spring Series.  Steve came along and started scoring wins on just about every race.  The only exceptions were one where Jason/Hannah (Albacore) and Ken (Laser) were able to sneak by him one race when Steve/Frank were sailing a broken Albacore, and a few weeks later when Carla/Jason (Tasar) were able to spot a late-race gust to sneak past Steve’s Laser.

So, was Jason or Carla’s early lead enough to hold off Steve?  Heck no!  Steve takes the season by a wide margin (again!)

Steve scored 23 points, Carla came in second with 38, Jason was far back at 57, with Tony and Jean rounding out the top 5 with 65 and 73 points respectively,  Congrats Steve!

As for the rookies, Devin takes the season with 188 points, followed by Yona at 219

Complete season results posted to http://kanatasailingclub.com/sailing/racing/

I’m particularly happy with the turn out this year, with veterans, new sailors, kids, and everyone in between.  The Tasars got a lot of love this season, especially in July and August, while the kids gravitated towards the Lasers.  Tony and Annie were staples in the Hobies, and were often joined by the Watsons, the McKennas, or other pick-up cat teams.  All in all, a good variety of boats, and lots of fun after the races too.

A special thanks goes out to Reese, Heidi and Sydney, for running RC through out the year.  Also, thanks to Frank/Jean (our BBQ wranglers most nights), and all those who volunteered to bring food/beverages to the deck after racing.