Race Night Wednesday July 17

Wednesday saw a good turn out to race night last week with 10 kts of warm breeze gusting to about 12-14 kts. 6 Boats turned out to brave the winds that evening.  An interesting first race, set by Steve H and assisted by John with the usual buoys to port course was witnessed by all 4 boats competing in the first of 4 races. 

Off the start line in 1st place flew  Ken E and Amy on Starboard tack in the Albacore, hugging the committee boat with Robert, Corinne and Leopal on the Hobie 16, rounding the pin end on port tack flying across the start followed by Greg O and his grandson Hayden, whose skills in the optimist during the day added to their successful  first race. The Nacra with Tony on helm assisted by Nathan on jib, snuck up to the start from a nice beam reach only to be forced into reverse mode as he tried to head up across the start line. Thoughts of their 4th place finish were quickly dashed as our leader in the Albacore and seasoned veteran Ken E with Amy on jib decided that an alternative rounding of the marks with buoys to starboard would not only confuse the competition but make for an interesting race. Alas, the rest of the fleet were not to be deterred and held  their course. Noticing that his strategy was not working Ken followed suit after the second rounding and so  went in the same direction as the rest of the fleet. 

Two other sailboats joined in the fun for the other 3 races and they included Zombour in the laser and Tom and Lee Jing on the third Albacore. Adding to all the fun that evening, the fourth race was interrupted by a 11.3 m keelboat that sailed up from the NSC and tried to join our race by crashing thru the middle of the course upsetting our sailors Tom and Lee Jing who were on the final leg and forcing them to tack away thus avoiding a collision with said keelboat only to push them into the committee boat. No one was hurt , not even their spirits. 

Thanks to Nathan for supplying the food and drinks. 

Race Results

Race #1

  • Robert, Corinne, Leopal —1st
  • Greg O and Hayden –2nd
  • Tony and Nathan —3rd
  • Ken E and Amy—FOC

Race #2

  • Robert, Corinne and Leopal—1st
  • Ken E and Amy-  2nd
  • Zombour— 3rd
  • Greg O and Hayden— 4th
  • Tony and Nathan —5th
  • Tom and Lee Jing—- 6th

Race #3

  • Robert, Corinne and Leopal—-1st
  • Ken E and Amy—-2nd
  • Zombour 3rd
  • Greg O and Hayden—4th
  • Tony and Nathan—5th
  • Tom and Lee Jing—6th

Race #4

  • Robert, Corinne and Leopal—1st
  • Zombour —2nd
  • Ken E and Amy—3rd
  • Greg O and Hayden—4th
  • Tony and Nathan–5th 
  • Tom and Lee Jing —6th