Race Night Results – Aug 14

Race night was welcomed by a large NW wind that brought gusts up to 45 Km/h and a temp around 20 c at the start line to run a challenging triangle course with buoys to port. 8 boats approached the start line with the Tasar in front followed closely by the Albacore and then the laser. Rounding the first gybe mark nearly brought the Tasar over in a capsize as well the Albacore with yelps heard all around followed by the laser that did toss Ken S. into the water. Many others in the rest of the fleet followed suit, all practicing their man-over-board maneuvers and swimming techniques. Even Corinne discovered that tucking your feet under the hiking strap works better than on top, as she did the seal thing and flopped off the side of her Albacore, leaving Kathryn to fend for herself as her skipper abandoned ship.  The Tasar with a healthy lead in the first race decided one more rounding of the gybe mark, for reasons unknown to both skipper and crew, and the rest of fleet, would be a good idea until they looked over to port and to see the Albacore bearing down quickly on the finish line. Panic ensued as they finally altered course towards the finish and came in a disappointing second place. Ken S, who managed to leap into his laser in lightening speed was close on their heels for third place.  The Tasar accepted a self disqualification for fouling 2 boats on the  race #3 start line as the skipper managed to tuck the tiller handle into her life jacket for safe keeping, losing steerage, again for reasons unknown!! We had a fun time and a challenging set of races, offering a fabulous show for our spectators on shore.  Thanks to Ken E.  for the fabulous food and drink and to Instructor Annie again for setting out the race course.

Results are as follows: 

Race #1

  1. Ken E and John –Albacore
  2. Carla and Liz- Tasar
  3. Greg and Hayden- laser I think
  4. Ken S.- laser
  5. Liam – laser
  6. Lee Jing- laser
  7. Tom N. – laser
  8. Corinne and Kathryn- Albacore

Race #2

  1. Ken S
  2. Carla and Liz
  3. Ken E. and John
  4. Greg and Hayden
  5. Tom N
  6. Liam
  7. Corinne and Kathryn
  8. Lee Jing

Race #3

  1. Ken S
    Carla and Liz (DSQ) foulers!
  2. Ken E. and John 
  3. Corinne and Kathryn
  4. Tom N
  5. Greg and Hayden
  6. Liam
  7. Lee Jing