Duty Day Sign-ups are Live

Due to some glitches with our sign-up provider it took me quite a while to get the sign-up forms updated for 2020, but they are ready and live now:

The duty day responsibilities this year will be limited due to the restrictions on our club, but we would still like members to sign up for at least one half-day timeslot this season. Only a subset of the duty day checklist is valid, so particular focus should be on:

  • Landscaping
    • Trimming trees
    • Mowing
    • Weed-whacking
    • etc.
  • Disinfecting common areas
    • Shed work table
    • Hand-wash station
    • Porta-potties
  • Picking up litter
    • Bring a trash bag!
  • Site maintenance
    • Minor building repairs
    • Check gas in fuel shed

And a huge shout-out to our members who are already helping out with site maintenance and keeping the yard & beach clean of litter. You’ve been a huge help this season and I just want to thank you all for doing what you can. You’re a large part of what makes the Kanata Sailing Club great šŸ™‚