KSC Race Night #1: Wed 14 July 2021

This evening’s first race of the season opened with 9 boats and 13 sailors. Nice start to the season. Winds were moderate at the start, luring all 6 monohulls and 3 catamarans to the start line with winds W 15 kms with the odd gust to 30 kms . Steve and Liz decided to give the pack a large margin at the start while passing the reef at the club entrance when the start whistle went off.. They managed to catch most of the fleet by the first upwind mark and slowly pulled away by the leeward mark. Ken led the entire fleet around the next 3 marks only to be caught at the second upwind leg by the New Farr 3.7 skippered by Carla, making its new presence known . The wind eased to around 7 kms however at the upwind mark leaving several boats scrambling to round, reminding us all that the current heading downstream towards Ottawa can wreck any clever short efficient plans you may have had trying to round the mark in 2 easy tacks. 7-10 kms winds followed for the rest of the evening.

Race 2 saw less wind and a sad offering to the Cat Sailors.

The finish saw the following results. :

Race 1

  1. Carla  – Farr 3,7
  2. Ken    – Laser 
  3. Steve and Liz  -Tasar
  4. Zsombor   – Laser
  5. Jason      – Laser 
  6. Tom   –   Laser
  7. Nathan and Mike—-Hobie 18
  8. Frank and Jean — Hobie 16
  9. Tony and Annie — Nacra 17

Race 2 

  1. Carla – Farr 3.7
  2. Steve and Liz-  Tasar
  3. Ken   – Laser

RC Heidi and Connor ( KSC instructors) , great job so thank you

Welcome to all old  members and new members this year . Returning and Honourable mention goes to Jason (NSC- x 2 years_) , Mike (having kids now),  Annie who because of CoVID couldn’t sail last year, so cheered from the beach,  Tom back after a 1 year hiatus due to CoVID, along with Frank and Jean who were also sorely missed. 

Next Wednesday Race Start : 1830. 

Cat Regatta  Saturday 24 July . Details to follow. 

Carla Millar   Sailing Director.