KSC Race Night #2: July 21, 2021

9 Boats presented to the start line on Wednesday evening with a wind building to 15-20 kms and gusting to 30. Under warm skies, sailors partnered up with others that haven’t sailed in over 2 years. Jean took Annie in a H16 to familiarize themselves with the Hobie for the regatta on Saturday.  Carla forgot the main piece of equipment for the Farr, the hiking harness, so sent Steve out in it instead to watch him battle the power of the gusts. Jason showed up with his 29er and sailed with Carla on helm. Brave lad. Tom discovered the cats again and teamed up with Tony in the Nacra 17. The Ken’s had some fun rides on the lasers, putting in again some great performances, while Robert with Corrine and Leopold flew around the course on the H18 to gain practice and hopefully an advantage for the upcoming Cat regatta. Zsombor broke free of the instructor’s clutches and had a fun sail as well.

Thx to our RC : Heidi and Connor


Race 1

  1. Robert/Corinne/Leopold
  2. Ken S
  3. Jean/Annie
  4. Zsombor
  5. Steve
  6. Ken E
  7. Jason/Carla
  8. Tony/Tom
  9. Bruce DNS


  1. Robert/Corinne/Leopold
  2. Ken S
  3. Steve
  4. Carla
  5. Zsombor
  6. Jean/Annie
  7. Ken E
  8. Tony/Tom OCF
  9. Bruce DNS


  1. Steve
  2. Ken
  3. Zsombor
  4. Robert/Corinne/Leopold
  5. Rest of fleet : DNS

Carla : Sailing Director