An island 12 miles away

NOTICE OF RACE: KSC 12 Mile Is. Regatta Saturday 22 JULY 2023

Saturday, July 22nd
Registration : 0930 -1000
Skipper’s Meeting 1000
Start right after the skipper’s meeting
Last Racer start no later than 1100

The annual 12-Mile-Island (Harry Adderly) Regatta has been held since 2011. It is KSC’s longest distance race. Depending on boat used and wind conditions, the rounding of the island can take from 2.5 to 5 hours (with 3-4 hours being typical). Participating in the 12-Mile-Island Regatta (and completing the rounding) counts as a rounding for the Harry Adderly and Ken Eaves sponsored 12-Mile-Island Challenge.

Eligible Sailors/Boats KSC members with boat sign-out privileges and their guests are welcome to enter the event. Boats signed out on a first come basis. So get there early.

Classes and Starts : All dinghy classes including monohulls and multihulls are permitted to race. Portsmouth Numbers will be used to determine the handicap rating for each class and to calculate the Corrected Time (CT) for each boat’s Elapsed Time (ET).

There will be one start — monohulls and multihulls will be required to start between 1000h and 1100h. This is intended so that competitors will finish closer to the same time. A self timed start and finish using the honour system will be used for this event. A mark will be placed out on the water creating a line between the jetty at KSC and the mark. You are to use this line as your start. You are to pass the times on to the sailing director upon finishing at or by cellphone (provided onsite). Your Actual time will be calculated using the PN handicap numbers to determine the scores.

Entry Fee : There is no entry fee

Registration : Online Registration to the sailing director’s email address to until 11:59pm Friday 21 July 2023 or On-site Registration at the KSC clubhouse on Saturday 22 July 2023 starting at 0930h and continuing until 1000h.

Formal Sailing Instructions (SIs) will be communicated at the skippers meeting at 1000.

Bring your own food and fluids for your sailing journey and for any meals you choose to have after the event. The Deck and BBQ are open.

We will not leave you on the water. I will be on site for the start and available for any urgent help if needed as RC and crash boat until end of the race. No crashing please. I will give out my cell phone number to you all at the skippers meeting. The KSC instructors are welcome to race that day.

Race Finish: The sailing race will officially end at 1700h or 5:00 pm. Bragging rights go anyone who finishes the entire race especially to the top three finishers. Prizes will be awarded.

Carla Millar Acting Sailing Director – KSC