KSC Racing 2024

Welcome to the KSC Racing Season, Wednesday nights this year, starting June 12.

I’m Jason, your sailing director this year at KSC, and I’m here today to convince you to come out racing. Racing at KSC is exceptionally informal, and is more “an excuse to hit the water” instead of a real competition. No expereince nessessary (racing experience or even sailing experience), and it’s all about fun. Oh yeah, it’s free too!

So, what you need to know:

  • Race starts at ~6:30 – I recommend you show up at the club sometime around 5:30-5:45, rig up, attend the skipper’s meeting at 6:00 and hit the water to sail for the race course
  • We tend to get in a large number of short races. So if you miss the first race, it’s no big deal
  • Nobody left ashore policy is in effect – if you want to sail/race, we’ll get you in a boat. Students welcome!
  • Food/beverages on the clubhouse deck after racing

I’ve updated our general purpose “Racing at KSC” document with details for interrested racers, but don’t worry, there’s a skipper’s meeting if you have any questions. Alternativly, just look around for someone who looks like they know what they’re doing – the verteran racers will bend over backwards to help you out and to make sure you have fun out there.

The wind forecast for this week looks nice, with a base wind of ~7-8 from the SW, and some stronger gusts building as the night goes on.