KSC Racing Update

Hi folks,

Your KSC Sailing Director here with some updates about racing the year.

First of all – if you’ve never been racing, come on out on a Wednesday, and we’ll get you in a boat! It’s a great excuse for a sail, it is totally laid back and friendly, and we have a ‘nobody left ashore’ policy. Show up at the club somewhere been 5:30 and 6:00, and we’ll match skippers/crew on the fly. If you want to sail, we’ll make it happen! New sailors welcome!

Ken, Steve, and Olivier/Tom (behind Ken’s sail) at the start line for Race 1

Looking for Organizers/volunteers – 12-Mile-Island, Cat Regatta

We have tentatively set dates of Saturday July 13 for the 12-Mile-Island race and August 10 for the catamaran regatta. If you have an organizational bent in you, or are otherwise interrested in helping out, please contact me at sailing@kanatasailingclub.com. The organization isn’t that difficult, it’s mostly get word of the event out to likely participants, and figure out if you need support like a race-committee (and if so, who’s going to do it).

Wednesday Race Season

Our annual weekday series is well underway. Once again, we’re aiming for short courses with lots of short races. The first couple of race nights went great (getting in 7 races over the two nights) but the 3rd race night was cancelled due to lack of wind. Hopefully we’ll get some luck in the coming weeks. Steve, Ken and Mike have taken an early lead (full standings below) but it’s not too late! We discard results for one out of every the races, so even if you’ve missed a few weeks, had a bad night in the standings, or anything like that then the scroring system automatically doesn’t count your worst results

Quest/Feva Head Start

Last year, we noticed that the RS Quests and RS Fevas were often at the back of the fleet. This might be because the boats (especially Feva) are a bit slower than the Lasers and cats, but also they tend to be favoured by the recent learn-to-sail grads and by sailors bringing families/guests out. Either way, we figured we’d give the RS boats a bit of a head start this year. It gives the veterans in their fast-and-fancy boats a challenge (can I catch the RS boats?) and it gives the RS boats a fighting chance to celebrate a victory, instead of be resigned to the back of the fleet. Mike and his family were the first winners in a Quest, taking the 3rd race. We might tweak the system a bit later in the season, but so far people seem to be liking the system.

Current Standings (update Jul 4, 2024)

2ndKen S(3.0)2.0(5.0)
3rdMike L2.03.01.0(6.0 DNC)(5.0)4.04.0(6.0)
4thNora2.0 Crew3.0 Crew1.0 Crew6.0 DNC(10.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)6.0 Crew1.0 Crew51.019.0
5thMark4.0 Crew4.0 Crew4.0 Crew1.0 Crew4.05.0(9.0)(8.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC)47.022.0
6thJason(9.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC)(7.0 DNC)6.0 DNC3.
7thLiz(9.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC)7.0 DNC6.0 DNC1.0 Crew1.0 Crew1.0 Crew(8.0 DNC)8.0 DNC49.024.0
8thRobert4. DNC)(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)
9thCarla6. DNC)(7.0)5.03.0(23.0 DNF)67.027.0
10thBurak2.0 Crew3.0 Crew1.0 Crew6.0 DNC(10.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC60.028.0
11thHannah(9.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC)7.0 DNC6.0 DNC3.0 Crew3.0 Crew2.0 Crew(8.0 DNC)8.0 DNC54.029.0
13thEllen(9.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC)7.0 DNC6.0 DNC4.0 Crew5.0 Crew(9.0 Crew)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC64.038.0
14thTom N7.0 Crew7.0 Crew6.0 Crew4.0 Crew6.0 Crew(8.0 Crew)(8.0 Crew)(8.0 DNC)8.0 DNC62.038.0
15thTony5.06.07.0 DNC6.0 DNC(10.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC72.040.0
15thMerve5.0 Crew6.0 Crew7.0 DNC6.0 DNC(10.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC72.040.0
15thJean5.0 Crew6.0 Crew7.0 DNC6.0 DNC(10.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC72.040.0
18thAaron(9.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC)7.0 DNC6.0 DNC8.0(10.0)6.08.0 DNC8.0 DNC70.043.0
19thAnnie(9.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC)7.0 DNC6.0 DNC6.0 Crew(8.0 Crew)8.0 Crew8.0 DNC8.0 DNC68.043.0
20thStephan(9.0 DNC)8.0 DNC7.0 DNC6.0 DNC(9.0)6.0(10.0)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC71.043.0
21stEric(8.0)(8.0 DNC)7.0 DNC6.0 DNC7.0(9.0)7.08.0 DNC8.0 DNC68.043.0
22ndShiela9.0 DNC8.0 DNC7.0 DNC6.0 DNC10.0 DNC(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)(23.0 DNS)8.0 DNC93.048.0