Covid-19 Code of Conduct

As a member of Kanata Sailing Club, I agree to the following to help ensure the health and safety of its members and community.

  1. I will not come to the Club if I, or anyone I am living with, have symptoms of COVID-19. Please refer to the provincial self-assessment tool for guidance
  2. When at the Club, I agree to abide by all government mandated physical distancing measures and not congregating in groups above maximum thresholds. If this means waiting in my car or returning at another time, I will do that.
  3. I will wear a face-covering over my mouth and nose if there is a risk that I cannot maintain a safe distance from those outside my household, as recommended by Public Health officials.
  4. I agree to sanitize any frequently contacted surfaces and/or shared areas before and after I touch them, and to wash my hands often. This includes club-owned sailboats which are shared with all members.
  5. I will only sail with and complete boat repair in close proximity to someone from my own household. If I cannot, please refer to item 3.
  6. I will read and respect signage at the Club and any other directives provided by the Board of Directors.
  7. I will remain up to date with any changes to club protocols and procedures.


These are not normal circumstances. All members are asked to be flexible and polite and to compromise when necessary.

All members shall comply with these directives. By choosing to register, each member agrees to act in a responsible and selfless manner to help protect their fellow members and communities. Failure to comply may result in asking the individual(s) to leave the property and/or potential loss of membership.