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Harbourmaster Update

Laser and Byte Rudders

Rudders and tillers sink if they come off on the water and cost $800 to replace. You will be billed if you lose one. You can prevent prevent this sad and expensive event from happening to you by making sure the clips, retaining pins and extra shackles are properly positioned and attached to your rudder before launching. Do not remove that extra shackle, USE IT!! Clip it on the the rudder. Replace it if it has gone missing. These shackles were installed last year as an extra safety measure to help save you that $800.

Please Report Damage

The following picture is a hole someone punched into a Laser. To do this much damage took a hard impact and there’s no way it happened without noticing. It was left without letting anyone know, nothing in the log, no message to any board member. This isn’t acceptable. Sometimes accidents happen and repairs have to be made. Even long time sailors have things go wrong that result in damage. But accept responsibility and let someone know so that it can be fixed. We can even teach you how to fix it.


Low Water Levels Mean More Hazards to Watch Out For

Please remember to raise centreboards/daggerboards and rudders when entering the shallow areas of our launch area and keep away from the reef just offshore of our upstream beach and canoe club next door.

Also, we received the following message from the Manager at the dam upstream of our club.

Date: 11 July 2016 at 09:24
Subject: 2016 Boating Season Downstream of Chats Falls Generating Station on the Ottawa River
Dear friends,
I would like to introduce myself as the new manager at Chats Falls G.S.. I have replaced Andre in this position and previously have worked in the same capacity on the Madawaska River.
With the nice weather we have been experiencing this spring and summer so far, the flows on the Ottawa River are currently lower than traditional for this time of year. Please exercise caution when boating on the river as different hazards may be present with the lower flow conditions.
This E-mail is to remind you and your members to Stay Clear, Stay Safe around dams, hydroelectric stations and surrounding waterways. Generators are controlled remotely and can be started at any time. Please respect our signs and safety booms put in place to prevent the public from accessing our dangerous areas.
If you require additional pamphlets, videos, CDs or information in person about our public safety campaign, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Gardiner  or myself. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer safely.

Yours truly,

Gary Kowaluk
Manager Work Center
Ontario Power Generation
Chats Falls GS
Tel. (613) 623 3116 ext 3213
Fax (613) 623 7464
Cell(613) 294 6130

The Harbourmaster Requests Your Feedback And Support

The Harbourmaster’s job is to oversee our fleet. As a cooperative club, the Harbourmaster needs the support and help from other club members who can help to identify problems with the fleet and are willing to learn and assist with boat repairs.

Preventative care will always be our best contribution towards the longevity of our fleet. So, when preparing to set sail, be sure to take a few minutes to ensure the boat of choice is rigged for the sailing conditions. A few minutes of preparation and inspection will contribute greatly on a successful launch and return. If you are not sure about something, ask around, you would be surprise what tricks we’ve learnt that will ensure the entire boat comes back to shore.

Please reach out to Robert at to share your observations of the fleet or to offer a helping hand.