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News on races, regattas, and other sailing events.

Notice of Race – Cat Regatta: Saturday, 24 July 2021

The Kanata Sailing Club is pleased to announce its 9th annual Open Catamaran Regatta Saturday, 24 July 2021.  This event is open to both KSC members and members from other Clubs if they wish to participate. All types of catamarans are welcome to compete. There is no entry fee for this event. Due to CoVID, Lunch and beverages are provided by the sailors themselves.  We suggest you assemble your lunch to enjoy on the back deck as we will break during the race for a short lunch. Depending on the weather , lunch time will be discussed at the skippers meeting.  Snacks, Water, BYO to consume on the water.

Registration can begin online the evening before starting at 1900h by sending the sailing director an email at or will be in person at 0930 -1000h, the day of the race.

For KSC members, KSC boats will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Skipper’s meeting is at 10:30 at the Clubhouse back deck. First start will be no earlier than 11:00. We will not start the final race after 1500h. The course will consist of multiple windward/leeward laps approximately 1-2 km apart (depending on wind),  with a mid-course entry and reaching finish. (formal Sailing Instructions will follow.) Scoring will be awarded based on fastest across the finish line. 

Carla Millar — Sailing Director

KSC Race Night #1: Wed 14 July 2021

This evening’s first race of the season opened with 9 boats and 13 sailors. Nice start to the season. Winds were moderate at the start, luring all 6 monohulls and 3 catamarans to the start line with winds W 15 kms with the odd gust to 30 kms . Steve and Liz decided to give the pack a large margin at the start while passing the reef at the club entrance when the start whistle went off.. They managed to catch most of the fleet by the first upwind mark and slowly pulled away by the leeward mark. Ken led the entire fleet around the next 3 marks only to be caught at the second upwind leg by the New Farr 3.7 skippered by Carla, making its new presence known . The wind eased to around 7 kms however at the upwind mark leaving several boats scrambling to round, reminding us all that the current heading downstream towards Ottawa can wreck any clever short efficient plans you may have had trying to round the mark in 2 easy tacks. 7-10 kms winds followed for the rest of the evening.

Race 2 saw less wind and a sad offering to the Cat Sailors.

The finish saw the following results. :

Race 1

  1. Carla  – Farr 3,7
  2. Ken    – Laser 
  3. Steve and Liz  -Tasar
  4. Zsombor   – Laser
  5. Jason      – Laser 
  6. Tom   –   Laser
  7. Nathan and Mike—-Hobie 18
  8. Frank and Jean — Hobie 16
  9. Tony and Annie — Nacra 17

Race 2 

  1. Carla – Farr 3.7
  2. Steve and Liz-  Tasar
  3. Ken   – Laser

RC Heidi and Connor ( KSC instructors) , great job so thank you

Welcome to all old  members and new members this year . Returning and Honourable mention goes to Jason (NSC- x 2 years_) , Mike (having kids now),  Annie who because of CoVID couldn’t sail last year, so cheered from the beach,  Tom back after a 1 year hiatus due to CoVID, along with Frank and Jean who were also sorely missed. 

Next Wednesday Race Start : 1830. 

Cat Regatta  Saturday 24 July . Details to follow. 

Carla Millar   Sailing Director.

KSC Open – Saturday 31 Aug

6 Sailboats participated in the KSC Open this past weekend with 7 sailors partaking. The winds which continued to build throughout the morning met us at the start line at 15-20 km/h with gusts to 30. We sailed 3 races in the morning before breaking for lunch followed by 4 races in the afternoon.  Mike T. and Jason M., past board members of KSC joined us from the NSC and sailed in the 29er. 4 lasers and 1 byte joined in the chase. A great day was had by all. 

The results are as follows:

  1. Ken S – laser
  2. Liam M. – laser
  3. Carla M – byte
  4. Eric N – laser
  5. Gerry – laser

Mike and Jason competed but were not scored.

Thanks to Annie, Amy, and Steve for Race Committee

Thanks to Annie M and Jean M for the lunch.

Race Night Results – August 28th

So no doldrums to speak of this August, as yet another windy evening arrived in time for race night on Wed. Winds came in from the south east and shifted right  to the south as the evening progressed with averages at 20 km/hr gusting to 30 and higher. 

Battles ensued throughout the race course on Wednesday between the pros in the name of Ken E and Tom in the Albacore and Ken S in the laser, with bumping and gnashing of teeth and yelps of “STARBOARD”, “UP, UP, UP” and the term “Keel-haul” may have been uttered once or twice.  Some man-overboard maneuvers were practiced by Carla in the Byte followed by Corinne in the laser because you never know when or how often these skills will be called upon. 2 Hobie cats joined in the fun with Nathan and Annie, putting in a brilliant show for the evening, in fact I think I heard them purring at one point,  while Frank and Jean in the other Hobie gave a competitive chase.  

Results are as follows. 

Race 1 

  1. Ken S – laser 
  2. Ken E and Tom- Albacore
  3. Nathan and Annie – Hobie
  4. Jean and Frank – Hobie
  5. Corinne
  6. Carla – byte

Race 2

  1. Nathan and Annie
  2. Ken S
  3. Ken and Tom
  4. Corinne
  5. Carla
  6. Jean and Frank DNF

Race 3

  1. Nathan and Annie
  2. Ken S (forgot to protest pirates below)
  3. Ken E and Tom
  4. Carla
  5. Corinne- DNS

Thanks to the race committee:  Instructor Annie and her partner Amy for setting the course and to Liz who supplied us with the food including her delicious corn from her farm. 

This newsletter marks the last race night for this year for 2019. Thanks to all the volunteers who came out to make the races happen and to all the sailors who offered their skills and assistance to the new members learning to sail and to the old salts who are always looking for a challenge. See you on the water. 

Carla – Sailing Director

Harry Adderly 12 Mile Island Regatta – Sunday 11 August

The Harry Adderly regatta brought in a nice mix of sailboats to the event this year under 27°C and beautiful partly cloudy skies with a NW wind blowing at 20 km/h increasing at times to 41 Km/h down river. 

Starting with a self timed start and finish between the KSC dock and buoy mark, from 11:15h – 11:50h, 7 sailboats set up river to round Allen Island (12 mile Island). Challenging wind conditions brought back the Wave after 2 hours and the rest found their way back from 4.25 hours to 5.5 hours.

The Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap scores were used to adjust the times and even out the results. The results will be entered in the Harry Adderly 12 Mile Island Challenge that is managed this year by Frank Boyaner .

Thanks to all the participants for coming out and challenging your fellow sailors and sharing in a celebratory “cold one” after the race. 

SailorsBoatAdjusted TimePlace
Mike RLaser237 mins1st
Liam and AlanisTasar247 mins2nd
Ken E and Tom NHobie 18254 mins3rd
NathanHobie 16273 mins4th
Frank and JeanHobie 16274 mins5th
Tony and DevinNarcra 17322 mins6th
Eric N.Hobie WaveDNF

Carla Millar- Sailing Director

Race Night Results – Aug 14

Race night was welcomed by a large NW wind that brought gusts up to 45 Km/h and a temp around 20 c at the start line to run a challenging triangle course with buoys to port. 8 boats approached the start line with the Tasar in front followed closely by the Albacore and then the laser. Rounding the first gybe mark nearly brought the Tasar over in a capsize as well the Albacore with yelps heard all around followed by the laser that did toss Ken S. into the water. Many others in the rest of the fleet followed suit, all practicing their man-over-board maneuvers and swimming techniques. Even Corinne discovered that tucking your feet under the hiking strap works better than on top, as she did the seal thing and flopped off the side of her Albacore, leaving Kathryn to fend for herself as her skipper abandoned ship.  The Tasar with a healthy lead in the first race decided one more rounding of the gybe mark, for reasons unknown to both skipper and crew, and the rest of fleet, would be a good idea until they looked over to port and to see the Albacore bearing down quickly on the finish line. Panic ensued as they finally altered course towards the finish and came in a disappointing second place. Ken S, who managed to leap into his laser in lightening speed was close on their heels for third place.  The Tasar accepted a self disqualification for fouling 2 boats on the  race #3 start line as the skipper managed to tuck the tiller handle into her life jacket for safe keeping, losing steerage, again for reasons unknown!! We had a fun time and a challenging set of races, offering a fabulous show for our spectators on shore.  Thanks to Ken E.  for the fabulous food and drink and to Instructor Annie again for setting out the race course.

Results are as follows: 

Race #1

  1. Ken E and John –Albacore
  2. Carla and Liz- Tasar
  3. Greg and Hayden- laser I think
  4. Ken S.- laser
  5. Liam – laser
  6. Lee Jing- laser
  7. Tom N. – laser
  8. Corinne and Kathryn- Albacore

Race #2

  1. Ken S
  2. Carla and Liz
  3. Ken E. and John
  4. Greg and Hayden
  5. Tom N
  6. Liam
  7. Corinne and Kathryn
  8. Lee Jing

Race #3

  1. Ken S
    Carla and Liz (DSQ) foulers!
  2. Ken E. and John 
  3. Corinne and Kathryn
  4. Tom N
  5. Greg and Hayden
  6. Liam
  7. Lee Jing

Race Night – Aug 7th

A few storm cells rolled through in the afternoon but as the rains shifted off to the south and the wind filled in from the SSE at 13 km/hr, race night was a go. We had 5 boats out that night. Results as follows:

Race #1

  1. Carla – Byte
  2. Corinne and Leopol – laser
  3. Liam and Eric – Tasar

Race #2

  1. Carla- byte
  2. Corrine and Leopol – laser
  3. Ken and Tom N – Albacore
  4. Lee Jing – Laser
  5. Liam and Eric – Tasar

Race #3

  1. Ken and Tom
  2. Carla
  3. Corrine and Leopol
  4. Liam and Eric
  5. Lee Jing

Thanks for Lee Jing for the fabulous food and drinks. And to the race committee of Steve H and Instructor Annie.  Next weeks food and bevvies will be brought to us by Ken E. 
Carla Millar – Sailing Director

12-Mile-Island Regatta – Notice of Race

Notice of Race: Kanata Sailing Club 12-Mile-Island Regatta, Sunday 11 August 2019

The annual 12-Mile-Island (Harry Adderly) Regatta has been held since 2011. It is KSC’s longest distance race. Depending on boat used and wind conditions, the rounding of the island can take from 2.5 to 5 hours (with 3-4 hours being typical). Participating in the 12-Mile-Island Regatta (and completing the rounding) counts as a rounding for the Harry Adderly and Ken Eaves sponsored 12-Mile-Island Challenge.

Eligible Sailors/Boats

KSC members with boat sign-out privileges and their guests and members from other clubs with their own sailboats are welcome to enter the event. Classes and Starts All dinghy classes including monohulls and multihulls are permitted to race. Portsmouth Numbers will be used to determine the handicap rating for each class and to calculate the Corrected Time (CT) for each boat’s Elapsed Time (ET).

There will be one start — monohulls and multihulls will be required to start between 11:00 and 11:45. This is intended so that competitors will finish at closer to the same time. A self timed start and finish using the honour system will be used for this event.

Entry Fee

There is no entry fee.


Online Registration to the sailing directors email address (send an e-mail to until 11:59pm Friday.

On-site Registration will take place at the KSC clubhouse on Sunday 11 August 2019 starting at 10:00h and continuing until 11:30.

General Information

Formal Sailing Instructions (SIs) will be communicated at the skippers meeting at 10:30.

Bring your own food and fluids for your sailing journey and for any meals you choose to have after the event.

The sailing race will officially end at 6:00 pm. We will not leave you on the water.

Carla Millar Sailing Director – KSC

8th Annual Open Catamaran Regatta Results

The wind lured 3 Catamarans to the start line in this years Cat Regatta  event this past Saturday at KSC. The race consisted of 6 legs of an upwind-downwind configured race course set again by our experienced Club member Steve H and Instructor Annie M. Each leg took about 30 mins to complete. After juggling the crew and skippers about we had Tony and Jean in the Nacra 17, Tom, Alanis and Liam in the Hobie 18, Eric and Annie in the Hobie 16. The race was a bit delayed because the Hobie 16 decided to solo it without any crew at all only to find Eric jumping aboard and rescuing said Hobie from a near death experience on the reef.  He was then able to circle round and collect his skilled crew member Annie from end of the jetty. The start went off without a hitch. Noon found us with  an uninvited rain squall that came through after the second leg that sent all sailors and race committee (Carla and instructor Annie) darting back to shore where we shared a fabulous lunch on the back deck. The race resumed shortly after,  finishing with 2 more races. Tony and Jean tried out their new Gennaker only to find it didn’t quite offer the lift they had expected as it became a bit of a sea anchor and upset their first place position from the start line,  so was abandoned after several tries. Tom who recently earned himself a Red Tag, posted brilliant finish results and truly found his calling as a Cat Skipper. Eric, found lounging off the stern of the Hobie 16, enjoyed the day with Annie and managed to give a competitive chase to the other 2 cats. The results are as follows: 

“Top Cat award” (1st place) went to Tom N, Alanis and Liam – Hobie 18

“Second Place Cat award” went to Tony and Jean –  Nacra 17

“Kitten award” went to 3rd place finishers Eric and Annie – Hobie 16

Congratulations to everyone, thanks for your participation and sharing in the fun.

Race Night – July 31st

Wednesday Race Night was very interesting with a Cat course format set by Steve and Instructor Annie to reflect the up and coming Catamaran Regatta that took place this past  Saturday at KSC. 10 boats took to the reaching start line to complete an upwind/downwind course with a reaching finish to the committee boat. The wind offered quite the challenge with large gusts forcing a few boats to practice their man-overboard maneuvers. Interestingly though the monohulls managed to figure out the course in the first race, leaving behind 4 Cats who found themselves disqualified for heading in the opposite direction. Jean caused a mutiny on board the Nacra 17, with her skipper Tony and forced him to be keelhauled off the port side pontoon. As he was being dragged along in the water by the mainsheet Jean realized she was to then to sail alone, so she relented and allowed Tony back on board. Race 1 clearly was a good practice run though as Frank and Nathan in a Hobie pulled off an impressive first place finish in race 2 and 3 followed by 3 Cats for the final race,  who all took the top 3 spots on the podium. Except we don’t have a podium but you get the gist. Good job everyone and a big thank you to Tom for bringing the food. Next weeks food will come courtesy of Lee.

Race 1

  • Ken
  • Carla and Liz
  • Zsombor
  • Liam
  • Gerry finish on course
  • Lee finish on course
  • Frank and Nathan dnf
  • Tony and Jean dnf
  • Corrine, Robert and Leopol dnf
  • Eric and Sharron dnf

Race 2

  • Frank and Nathan 
  • Carla and Liz 
  • Ken
  • Zsombor
  • Jean and Tony
  • Robert, Corrine, Leopol
  • Sharron and Eric 
  • Liam finished on course

Race 3

  • Frank and Nathan
  • Tony and jean
  • Robert, Corrine and Leopol
  • Ken
  • Zsombor
  • Carla and Liz
  • Liam
  • Sharron and Eric 
  • Gerry dnf

Carla Millar – Sailing Director