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Opening Day 2017

Today, our amazing crew of volunteer members changed the boat storage warehouse-looking clubhouse back into a vibrant sailing club, including giving us back our ‘cottage in the city’, in less than one day!

Next – Open House on April 29!

Let The Season Begin!

(To quote a famous Social Director) 🙂

Yes, April is finally here along with some real snow-melting temperatures.

It won’t be long now before we’re out there getting the Site in ship-shape condition!

Lots of work to be done so please step forward to help out.

The Peak of Summer

The club and site are well-used this time of year. Water levels are down and the dock has been moved further out. The clubhouse and deck were in good shape for a well-attended Sail Past Day and BBQ (even though the weather didn’t cooperate). Propane delivery arrived in the nick of time.

Continue enjoying your cottage in the city 🙂

Hot Days, Cool Water

The club was a popular place to be on Father’s Day – lots of families with children playing in the water, going to the swim dock, eating cake on the deck and of course, sailing.

Now, about getting those marshmallows to the campfire…

Thanks go to the many members who are working behind the scenes to keep the Site in very nice shape.