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The Peak of Summer

The club and site are well-used this time of year. Water levels are down and the dock has been moved further out. The clubhouse and deck were in good shape for a well-attended Sail Past Day and BBQ (even though the weather didn’t cooperate). Propane delivery arrived in the nick of time.

Continue enjoying your cottage in the city ­čÖé

Hot Days, Cool Water

The club was a popular place to be on Father’s Day – lots of families with children playing in the water, going to the swim dock, eating cake on the deck and of course, sailing.

Now, about getting those marshmallows to the campfire…

Thanks go to the many members who are working behind the scenes to keep the Site in very nice shape.

Beach Deck and Swim Dock are in place

Thanks to the help from many hands, those big items are in place for us to enjoy and, speaking from experience at┬áMonday’s┬áraces, the water is certainly warming up ­čÖé

Also, the City of Ottawa fire ban is off and our open-air fire container is now on the beach (much better than having stones explode on us!). Please review the fire permit procedures posted on the club’s bulletin board.

This week’s Site News

Thanks Rob N. for cleaning the debris off of the clubhouse roof; Bill for trimming the cedar trees; The City of Ottawa’s Forestry Department and the Y for pruning the trees along the electric line.

It’s time to plan for reinstating the deck on the beach and do some more work around the clubhouse.

The city still has a ban on open fires in place so no campfires permitted yet.

Lots of work going on around the Site and it’s good to be sailing again, too.

Warm weather arrives

Great to see folks out for the Victoria Day long weekend. We plan to install the lower deck soon for the beachgoers. The ice-cold edge is now gone from the water and while it’s ‘bracing’ when you first go in several children were full-on swimming this weekend.

Duty Day

Duty Day at KSC – This past weekend: Thanks Annie for cleaning up the clubhouse storage cabinets and washing the floor. And thanks Jean for organizing the area between the gas shed and tool shed and cleaning the gunk out between the clubhouse front step boards (it causes wood rot) and helping me change some of the boards there and on the deck. (Full disclosure ­čÖé I’m Jean’s husband and somehow her Duty Day expanded into us replacing several stair and deck boards!)

In addition to helping keeping the place neat and tidy, Duty Day is a great opportunity to pickup new skills like for example, learning about the powerboats, sailboat repair, and the use of the workshop tools. Simply ask me or another experienced member and we’ll be glad to show you. After all, we’re all in this club together.

Be sure to sign-up for your turn.

Post-Launch Day – Thank you

Thank you to those who helped with Launch Day. Huge progress was made in preparation for Saturday’s Open House. Lunch was awesome – thanks to Ken and his team.

‘New’ Furniture: A big thank you to Tony for donating the beautiful sofa and chairs, delivering them and getting a few helpers to help him cart off the old ones.

Water pump: Thank you John, Ken, Louis and especially Mike (who spent time in the cold river), for your expertise and doing a great job priming the pump. Then Ed discovered and quickly fixed the leak from a burst pipe.

Workshop / Sail Loft Roof Shingles: Thank you to Deb and Stefan for initiating and taking on the roof reshingle project.