Emergency Phone

The KSC has introduced an emergency cell phone to ensure continuous emergency communications during power outages. This phone may also be taken (in its waterproof case) out on the power boat to assist during emergency rescue operations.

KSC Emergency Phone

New procedures have been added to the Duty Day procedure to ensure the integrity of this phone. Please refer to the posted procedure for more detail.

Please note that since this phone is stored in its waterproof box, powered off, members are advised to familiarise themselves with the phone to ensure proper preparedness for an emergency.
Familiarise yourself with turning on the phone and making a call before an emergency arises (phone operation can be verified by dialling 611 (six, one, one) and following the voice prompts to check the account balance).

In case of emergency:

  • Turn the power of the phone on by pressing and holding the RED button on the right.
  • Dial the number 911 for all emergencies.
  • Push the GREEN button on the left to connect.