Duty Days and Site Resources

We are a co-operative Club, and without members who are willing to volunteer their time and energy to the Club, we simply would not exist. Your contributions around the club – as duty day crew or working on other tasks around the site – help to make the Kanata Sailing Club a safe, fun, and friendly space for us all.

Duty Days

Every member is required to be on duty at the club for two half-days (or one full day) on weekends during the sailing season. There are two half-day shifts per weekend day (9am-1pm, 1pm- 5pm).

Sign up for your two slots online here:

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Before your Duty Day shift, please review the Duty Day Checklist. There will be copies on site. Refer to it as you complete your tasks, checking them off as completed and adding comments where warranted. When done, please leave it in the in the “Duty Day Checklist” binder on the table. Please let the Site Director (site@kanatasailingclub.com) know if you have any comments/questions/concerns.

Site Resources

Useful documents regarding the KSC site and facilities are available here (more to come):

Powerboat Mooring Whips – Information on how to use the mooring whips to secure the power boat.

Why KSC No Longer Uses BBQ Brushes

Over time, bristles come off the brush and can get stuck on the grill; then make their way into the food and yes, into people’s throats. Surgery may be required to retrieve it. That’s why KSC has switched to using softwood scrapers.

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