A really great way to get out on the water is to come out to one of our Racing events. Racing is probably the best way for you to get the most from your KSC membership. Here’s why:

  • Its fun! You don’t need to be a competitive person to enjoy it.
  • It gets you out to the Club. The races are regularly scheduled events, so you can plan to be at the Club and you know others will be there at the same time.
  • It gets you out on the water. Isn’t that why we all join in the first place?
  • The apres sail is great. The Club has a wonderful deck to lounge on after the races are done. Everyone is enjoying a cool beverage and each other’s company.

As in past years, we will be running several race events:

  • Race nights for those who like to compete, learn how to race or just for the fun of it.
  • 12 Mile Island Race
  • Cat Regatta
  • The KSC Open Regatta

Racing a sailboat is loads of fun, even if you are not the competitive type, and its probably the best way to improve your sailing skills. And of course the food, refreshments and company afterwards on the Deck can’t be beat!

Other organized events include Sail Past, which is a celebration of the year’s first Learn-to-Sail graduates.

See you on the water!


Everyone likes unsolicited advice, right?  Well, here are some “go fast” tips either developed in-house at KSC, or found from around the web.  If you have any suggestions to add, send an e-mail to

Racing Instructions:

A number of resources are available for the KSC sailor/racer. You don’t need to know all of these by heart, but it helps to take a look at the course, and a basic grasp of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) will get you far. The Sailing Instructions (SIs) is the document that “tunes” the RRS to our club setup, and has details about how we run races (and any “house rule” changes to the RRS).

Any questions or forms can be addressed to the sailing director ( or the commodore (

ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) – 2017-2020

KSC 2016 – Evening Series – Course – Final

KSC 2016 – Evening Series – SI – Final


KSC – Protest Form – Final

KSC – Scoring Enquiry Form – Final

Volunteer Sign-up Sheet:

KSC Race Volunteers