Our Fleet

Our fleet has gone through numerous upgrades throughout the years. Any one of our members with a blue tag can sail the monohulls, and those with a red tag can sail the catamarans. See our key tag system page for more info.

Current Fleet

Monohulls – Blue Tag

  • Byte CII:  One person, smaller leisure or racing dinghy, good for lighter members
  • Laser:  One person, leisure or racing dinghy
    • 5 Pro rigs & 1 Classic rig, with standard and radial sails available
  • RS Feva: Two person, smaller and lighter dinghy for training and racing
  • RS Quest: Two-to-Five person, larger dinghy for family outings and training
  • Tasar:  Two person, lightweight leisure or racing dinghy

Catamarans – Red Tag

We also have two powerboats used for training and special events.

Past Fleet

These are boats that our club used to own but have sold or decommissioned. This list is kept as a bit of history for the club.

  • Hobie 16:  Two person, leisure catamaran
    • Hobie Class
    • Replaced by the RS Cat 16, last hull sold in 2022
  • Albacore:  Two person, teaching, leisure or racing dinghy
    • Replaced by RS Feva/Quest in 2022