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Steve & Mark won the '23 12mi island race

12 Mile Island Race

Last Saturday’s 12 Mile Is race (held July 22nd) brought with it warm sunny skies with highs of 25c and winds from the west northwest at 10 kts. The wind pouring in from up river promised to also deliver gusts of 20 kts throughout the day and the idea that rounding the island would give the sailors the ability to cut loose and fly downwind back towards the club. With 9 sailboats all vying for bragging rights and the top winning prize, the weather didn’t fail.

The first to cross the start line was Steve and Mark in the Tasar. They did not disappoint as they beated up river towards the island in just under 2 hours. The 50 minute ride back gave their tense and tired muscles a much needed brake as they soared back and planed downwind to a 4th spot elapsed time finish just behind the 3 catamarans. Their sailing handicap placed them at the head of the leader board with several boats yet to finish.

Rob and Bianca in the Hobie 18 repeated their first place elapsed time result from 2 years ago. The wind didn’t allow for any dining on board this time as it was all hands on deck to deal with the winds. The handicap pushed them back into 3rd place while awaiting the other results.

Heidi and Connor, our fearless sailing instructors, very quickly took over the lead on their way up to 12 Mile Is. in the Hobie 18. As they approached the island, they pondered “How does one exactly gybe this beast anyway?” Having not yet read the Cat sailing manual, Connor resorted to a type of “parkour” sailing style as he threw the tiller extension one way around the back of the boat while simultaneously diving under the boom and catching said tiller on the other side. With thoughts of capsizing swirling in her head with each of these maneuvers, Heidi suffered a trapeze wardrobe malfunction and found herself launched and landing on her skipper Connor in the middle of his parkour maneuvers. A miraculous third place finish would have to suffice for the time being.

Frank and Jean, sailing the stylish RS cat, set out with hopes of an exhilarating ride, planing and surfing their way back to the club. The winds delivered but denied them their lunch experience on the water except for a quick snack of boiled eggs that Frank exclaimed was “the best thing ever!“

Ken, racing in his Laser, streamed across the finish line in quick time, shortly behind the Tasar despite the death roll practices he performed on the way back to the finish, proving again that one can be ejected from a laser and make it back in the boat in just under 1 minute.

Stephan, in the “Bomb” Bombardier, settled in for a full day’s sailing along with his construction cooler filled with a days allotment of food. Finding himself hungry before arriving up river to Pinhey’s Point, Stefan reached for 1 of the many items packed away in his cooler only to have his boat simultaneously give up both hiking straps. While tumbling upside down into the water, Stefan could only think of one important thing: My Cooler! A few successful man overboard maneuvers brought back the food bin into the boat, while Stefan faced some tricky sailing for the rest of the trip without any hiking straps.

Tom and newly qualified sailor Xiong set out in the Quest for the challenge of rounding 12 miles Is. With Tom sporting an old but new bright orange Dry Top, it was sure to allow us the ability to spot him where ever they sailed on the river. He was heard exclaiming that it was now “his new best friend.” This is Xiong’s first rounding. Congratulations are in hand.

Eric and Devin brought up the rear in the other Quest. The two red heads left in a pale condition when they set out only to return in a lovely shade of “pink lobster” upon arrival. 5 hours and 30 minutes in the sun was a challenge to both but they made it safely back to the club. Well done.

Special thanks to Jason who escorted the flotilla as far as Pinhey’s point in his sporty Musto.

Results including Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap

  1. Steve Harrington and Mark Cooligan
  2. Ken Skublics
  3. Rob Zgraggen and Bianca Helmus
  4. Frank Boyaner and Jean Mullan
  5. Heidi Cloutier and Connor Quinlan
  6. Tom Newman and Xiong Xue
  7. Stefan Bilan
  8. Eric Andrews and Devin Linnington

Carla Millar
Acting Sailing Director and Event RC

2023 SailPast and BBQ 🎉🍖🌅

Saturday, July 15th is the date for the Kanata Sailing Club’s party of the season, our annual SailPast. This event is held after the first training sessions have been completed, so we have an opportunity to meet and greet our newest Blue Tag sailors.


Noon: Choose your boat, rig and decorate your craft with streamers, balloons etc. Dress yourself as you like

2 pm: Cast off to SailPast our Commodore

Then enjoy the rest of the afternoon on the water!

5 pm: gather on the deck for “cocktails”

6 pm: BBQ Dinner! Rumour has it that a suckling pig is being prepared, along with Salads and Dessert


RSVP Social Director Tom at social@kanatasailingclub.com ASAP so we have a head-count for food

Indicate alternate food preferences to Tom and arrangements will be made

Pay in cash for the BBQ to the Social Director

$20 per adult; $10 for 18s and under

BYOB and the club provides a selection of non-alcoholic beverages

2023-05-31 Spring Beach

KSC Spring Update 🌼🍃⛵

Hello everyone, just a few quick updates from your KSC board of directors.

Dock Install Sat June 3rd

Calling everyone who’s able to help! We’re bringing the big dock down the ramp and anchoring it on the beach. This usually requires a bunch of people as it’s very heavy and difficult to maneuver.

If you’re free please come down to the club and help us move it this Sat, June 3rd, around 10:30am. If you bring a wet suit Ken will be very happy to have some help positioning the dock in the water!

Summer Race nights every Tuesday

Weekly Race Night will start on Tuesday, June 13th, and run all summer.

These race nights are great fun and a great way to improve your skills. Our top racer, Steve Harrington, will give an overview of racing rules and strategy (e.g. races are won and lost at the start line) before we venture out on the water for some actual racing. Our instructor crew will run the races, and the two main rules are, nobody left standing onshore, and have fun. Tom Neumann has graciously agreed to supply hamburgers and beer for afterwards (please bring some cash if you want a burger and beer). The session will begin on the beach at 5:30 pm. Learn to sail students welcome to participate as crew.

Power to the Club Coming Soon!

If you’ve been to the club recently you may have noticed a bunch of new hydro poles installed. That’s right, we’re going to have power restored to the clubhouse soon! Stay tuned for more info.

Boat Rigging Refreshers every Saturday

Boat rigging refresher sessions at 1:30 pm on Saturdays throughout June.

Power Boat Tutorial Session Jun 24th

Power boat tutorial session at 4 pm on June 24th – you need your Personal Craft Operator Card (PCOC) to participate!

Duty Day Sign-ups are Live

All active members should sign up for their two duty day shifts on our website.

Sister Sailing Club Events

There are some upcoming events hosted by the Nepean Sailing Club for consideration (see NSC website for registration):

Members helping during Launch Day

Launch Day Next Saturday 9am-3pm

April 22 is Next Weekend!

Start thinking about your best chili recipe for the potluck, and email Tom soon at social@kanatasailingclub.com if you plan to bring one.

We hope to see plenty of members, old and new, at the club working together to start getting boats and the clubhouse ready for the new sailing season. This event takes place rain or shine.

To bring:

  • gloves and work wear
  • battery powered tools if you have ’em
  • items that you volunteered to store over the winter 

Our exciting plans for the day:

  • Flipping and rigging the RS Quests and Fevas
  • Moving Lasers & Bytes out of the clubhouse and assembling their dollies
  • Taking the Optis out from under the deck to the beach
  • Moving the power boats down to the beach
  • Getting the dock setup in the water
  • Potluck chili when we wrap for the day (BYOB if desired)

We’re fortunate that certain resourceful members have offered to lend us their generator for keeping chili crock-pots warm. That’s right, no hydro as yet, but watch for brand new overhead lines as you drive down the club access road!

Looking forward to hitting the water and the new deck with everyone. See you next weekend.

2022 Sailpast

2023 Spring Updates

Registration for training and membership is open for the 2023 sailing season. There are still lots of youth training slots open but these tend to fill up quickly, be sure to sign up early!

Our 2023 launch day has been scheduled for Saturday, April 22nd, starting at 9am. We need all hands on deck for this event, there’s lots to do but it goes quickly if we have lots of help. Like every year this will take place rain or shine, be sure to bring gloves, boots, and work wear with you. We will be removing the boats from the clubhouse, prepping boats with masts and rigging, hauling some of the boats to the beach, and assembling the dock in the water.

The 2023 Public Open House has been scheduled for Saturday, May 6th, from 12-4pm. Open house is when we invite members of the public to come check out the club and see what we’re all about. If you’re available that day come on down to the club and say hello.

Club boats on the beach

KSC June Update

Upcoming Events

Powerboat Training

We will be hosting powerboat training for those who have their PCO license already but aren’t familiar with our boats. Training will be held Friday, June 24th, at 6:30pm.

Social Sails

Various members will be hosting informal social sails this summer, starting with a sail to Aylmer on Sunday, June 26 for lunch at the new Le Bateau restaurant. Boats will leave at 11am for the ~30min sail over to Quebec.

This is the perfect opportunity for those who aren’t comfortable sailing by themselves to partake in a group trip. Whether solo, on helm, or as crew, all members who want to go will have a spot.

If you’re interested in organizing an event of your own feel free to contact me and I’ll gladly add it to our calendar and the next newsletter.

Race nights

Race nights are picking up again, starting this week they will be held every Wed at 6pm sharp. Be at the club early to rig the boats and get on the water before the race starts! Our training staff will be onsite to conduct the races so members can focus on the perfect jibe.

New Boats Arriving Soon

Fortunately our little club has scored a major win: we’ve secured funding for several new boats!
Everyone on the board is quite excited to announce the good news, however we’re not allowed to reveal all the details just yet.
Very soon you’ll hear more about the new vessels and the large improvement they’ll have to our training fleet.
And I can’t think of another sentence that starts with “A” but the funny formatting should be enough 😉

Catamaran Training

For those of us who don’t have our red tags yet, Ken is gauging interest in a cat training session this summer. Contact Ken if you’re interested in signing up for red-tag training, this is a one day training course that has a nominal fee.

Duty Days Going Old-School

Due to some technical difficulties with the previous calendar service, the board has decided to go with a more old-school approach to the duty day sign ups. The next time you’re at the club check out the pin-board for the duty day calendars:

Duty Day Signup Forms
Just put your name down for morning or afternoon on either Sat or Sun. Remember that all members are required to come help out for at least two half-day sessions.

Smaller Sails for the Bytes

Carla & Steve have been hard at work on a side project to get smaller, more controllable sails for the bytes. These are now ready and should be easier to sail for those members who are smaller in stature. A huge benefit is that they look and feel like a laser sail so should be more familiar than the usual byte rigging.

RS Quest Rigging

If you haven’t made it out to the Sat afternoon rigging sessions that Heidi has been hosting, you can find a nice rigging video up on our website here.

As always, if you have any comments/concerns, do bring them up with our board of directors.

That’s all for this week, see you out on the water!

Reminder: Public Open House This Weekend

Just a reminder that the public open house is this weekend, Saturday May 7th.

From 12-4pm we open the club up for anyone to swing by and checkout what we’re all about. Come see the new boats, check on the progress of our deck reconstruction, and hear about some exciting (and semi-secret) new things happening this summer. Looks like the weather will be absolutely perfect Sat & Sun so it’ll be a nice day to simply get out of the house and get some fresh air.

We encourage all new and past members to come by and help out, we’ll be starting around 11am to setup the tent. This year consider asking a friend or family member if they want to come join you and see the place, you never know, they may end up liking what they see!

Also a quick shout-out: if you know any teenagers or young-adults that are looking for laid-back summer job (who isn’t!), reach out to Ken, our training director. He’s looking for a new beach-boss to help with our junior training courses this year. Which by the way are almost completely filled, the last few spots are in the Junior Advanced training program.

See you at the club!

KSC Beach

2022 Launch Day & Public Open House

Launch Day

For 2022 we’re renaming opening day to launch day to make it a bit less confusing with the similarly scheduled public open house. The launch day this year is extra-special, as we have 3 new boats to bring down to the beach! The event will take place rain or shine, be sure to bring gloves and appropriate work wear. If you have power tools please bring them along in case they’re needed. Launch day activities include:

  1. Flipping and rigging the Albacores & Quests
  2. Moving Lasers & Bytes out of the clubhouse and assembling their dollies
  3. Taking the Optis out from under the deck to the beach
  4. Moving the power boats down to the beach
  5. Getting the dock setup in the water

2022 Launch Day has been scheduled for Saturday, April 23rd, from 9am to 3pm.

Public Open House

Open house is when we invite members of the public to show up and check out the club for themselves. We will put our best foot forward and hopefully convince them to sign up for a KSC membership or register for one of the training courses.

Open house has been scheduled for Saturday, May 7th.

RS Quest Rigging Demo

We have three brand-new RS Quest sailboats to use this year, and like all dinghies it comes with its own quirks for setting up the rigging. We’ll be hosting a rigging demo session for all members to learn how to rig and sail the new boats.

Rigging demo session has been scheduled for Saturday, May 14th.

An island 12 miles away

Notice of Race – 12 Mile Island Regatta: Saturday August 14, 2021

Date: August 14th, 2021
Registration : 0930 -1000
Skipper’s Meeting 1005
Start Not before 1000
Last Race start not later than 1100

The annual 12-Mile-Island (Harry Adderly) Regatta has been held since 2011. It is KSC’s longest distance race. Depending on boat used and wind conditions, the rounding of the island can take from 2.5 to 5 hours (with 3-4 hours being typical). Participating in the 12-Mile-Island Regatta (and completing the rounding) counts as a rounding for the Harry Adderly and Ken Eaves sponsored 12-Mile-Island Challenge.

Eligible Sailors/Boats

KSC members with boat sign-out privileges and their guests are welcome
to enter the event. Boats signed out on a first come basis. So get there

Classes and Starts

All dinghy classes including monohulls and multihulls are permitted to race.
Portsmouth Numbers will be used to determine the handicap rating for
each class and to calculate the Corrected Time (CT) for each boat’s
Elapsed Time (ET).
There will be one start — monohulls and multihulls will be required to start
between 1000h and 1100h. This is intended so that competitors will finish
closer to the same time.

A self timed start and finish using the honour system will be used for this event. You are to pass the times on to the sailing director upon finishing at sailing@kanatasailingclub.com or 613-868-0427 my cell. Your Actual time will be calculated using the PN handicap numbers to determine the scores.

Entry Fee

There is no entry fee


Online Registration to the sailing director’s email address to
sailing@kanatasailingclub.com until 11:59pm Friday 13 Aug 2021 or
On-site Registration at the KSC clubhouse on Saturday 14 August 2021
starting at 0930h and continuing until 1000h.

Formal Sailing Instructions (SIs) will be communicated at the skippers
meeting at 1005h

Bring your own food and fluids for your sailing journey and for any meals
you choose to have after the event. The Deck and BBQ are open.

The sailing race will officially end at 1700h or 5:00 pm. We will not leave
you on the water. I will be away that weekend however Steve Harrington
will be on site for the start and available for any urgent help if needed. We
will give out his cell phone number to you all at the skippers meeting. The
instructors plan on racing that day so will be unavailable to officiate.

Carla Millar
Sailing Director – KSC