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Lone invitation

KSC Spring Update

The snow is gone and before you know it we’ll be back on the water for the 2024 sailing season! We have a few updates and some important dates to mark on your calendar.

Registrations are Open

Just a reminder that membership and training registrations are open, you can signup on our website. We have the following training sessions available:

  • Adult Learn to Sail – 3 sessions available May to July including weekday evening and full-day classes.
  • Junior Learn to Sail – 9 sessions available July to Aug full-day (9-4:30) classes.
  • Family Learn to Sail – 1 session that overlaps LTS3 & JLTS2 which allows parents to learn along with their kids.

Launch Day – April 20th

Our 2024 Launch Day has been scheduled for Saturday, April 20th, starting at 9 am.

We need all current & past members on deck for this event where we’ll pull the boats out storage and prep the grounds for the upcoming season. There’s lots to do but it goes quickly if we have lots of help. Like every year, this will take place rain or shine. Be sure to bring gloves, boots and workwear with you. We will be removing the boats from the clubhouse, prepping boats with masts and rigging, and hauling some of the boats to the beach. The dock will wait for a later date (see below). A potluck lunch will follow, if you would like to bring something hold tight, more details will be sent soon.

Public Open House – May 4th

KSC Public Open House

The 2024 Public Open House has been scheduled for Saturday, May 4th, from 12-4pm.

The open house is when we invite members of the public to come check out the club and see what we’re all about. If you’re available that day, come on down to the club and bring along any of your interested friends or family. We’re located at 1610 Sixth Line Road along the Ottawa River.

New Dock Delivery and Installation – May 11th

Thanks to a Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) Capital Grant, the club was able to purchase a new T-shaped floating dock. The new dock is tentatively scheduled to be delivered and installed on Saturday, May 11th.

Wednesday Race Nights

This sailing season, Race Nights will be held on Wednesdays starting June 12 until August 28 (weather and water levels permitting) so you’ll want to put it in your schedule now. The 1st race usually starts around 6 pm so you’ll want to arrive early on race night to select and rig your boat, and get out to the race start in time.

Race night in late season

KSC Awards and Race Results

Commodore Corinne Civalleri presenting the KSC Founding Member’s Award to 2018 recipient Tom Saunders, Past KSC Director of Training. Congratulations and thank you Tom!

Kanata Sailing Club Founding Member’s Award

The Kanata Sailing Club (KSC) Founding Member’s Award was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Kanata Sailing Club in honour of the founding members of the club. This trophy is given to the member who has made outstanding contributions to the KSC and to the spirit of community sailing.

The past few years have been challenging for the Kanata Sailing Club both financially and through all the Covid-19 restrictions. Many members stepped in to help guide us over these hurdles putting the club in a better situation financially and accomplishing some big projects at the same time.

Since this award was forgotten for quite some time (it was above the sign-out board! -ed), the idea to resurrect and award this trophy at the KSC Annual Meeting (AM) for past years seemed appropriate. Thank you to the members who submitted the nominations in a very short timeline and for those who volunteered to be judges on the selection committee. We received 18 nominations! Next year, more time will be given for the nomination process and for volunteers to step forward for the selection committee.

The recipients for the KSC Founding Member’s Award for the past 6 years are:

  • 2018 Tom Saunders
  • 2019 Frank Boyaner
  • 2020 Ken Skublics
  • 2021 Deborah McPhedran
  • 2022 Steve Harrington
  • 2023 Stefan Bilan

Congratulations to all the recipients for your outstanding contributions, leadership and commitment to keep our club viable through these past challenging years. We appreciate your time and dedication.

Congratulations Mark Cooligan – 2023 Winner of the 12-Mile Island Circumnavigation Challenge for the Single-handed Monohull and Catamaran trophies

12-Mile Island Circumnavigation Challenge Awards

Since 2002, experienced KSC sailors have challenged each other to see who can sail 15 km upriver to 12-Mile Island, round the island and return to the club the most times in a season from opening day to closing day. Three trophies were donated to the members by Ken Eaves and the late Harry Adderley, who designed and fabricated the trophies.

This year, there were 16 competitors with 27 roundings of the island, plus an additional rounding after closing day. One of the competitors rounded 12-Mile Island 11 times winning 2 of the trophies – an extraordinary feat! The 2023 winners for the 12-Mile Island Circumnavigation Challenge trophies are:

  • Mark Cooligan, who won both the single-handed monohull (4 roundings) and catamaran (6 roundings) trophies with a total of 11 roundings as he also rounded the island once in a double-handed monohull with Steve Harrington.
  • Steve Harrington and Carla Millar won the double-handed monohull trophy for a total of 3 roundings, plus an additional rounding after closing day. Steve also had 2 additional roundings of the island, one solo and another with Mark Cooligan.

Congratulations to all the 2023 competitors for participating in this challenging, fun competition.

KSC Sailing Season – Final Race Series Results

This year’s weekly race series, held on Tuesday nights, went from low/no wind evenings to big winds/waves evenings, where you had to hang on to your tiller and sheets hoping not to capsize!

We had 24 participants come out to compete over the course of the summer series, including many new members. The apres race BBQs were always fun, where stories were shared and bragging rights observed on our newly renovated deck. A big thanks to the instructors Heidi Cloutier and Connor Quinlan for setting up the course and providing the RC boat which occasionally helped sailors needing assistance by righting their boats or towing them back to shore due to the low winds.

The top 10 finishers for the 2023 Final Race Series are:

  1. Steve Harrington
  2. Carla Millar
  3. Mark Cooligan
  4. Liz Prentice Hudson
  5. Jean Mullan
  6. Jason McKenna
  7. Annie Miller
  8. Rob Zgraggen
  9. Mike Lepard
  10. Tom Neumann

Congratulations to all the competitors for coming out each week and a special thanks to Carla Millar for stepping in as Sailing Director when Mike Reece broke his ankle.

Carla Millar presenting Steve Harrington and Mark Cooligan with 12-Mile Island Race Day trophy

12-Mile Island Race Day

It was a big day for the 12-Mile Island Race Day with shifty winds. There were 15 competitors in 9 boats including one of our new learn-to-sail graduates.

To enjoy the hilarious details of that event, you will want to read (or re-read) the race report by event organizer Carla Millar on the overboard coolers, broken hiking straps and death roll capsize practises.

Congratulations to Steve Harrington and Mark Cooligan on winning the 2023 12-Mile Island Race Day. List of 2023 finishers and participants:

  1. Steve Harrington and Mark Cooligan
  2. Ken Skublics
  3. Rob Zgraggen and Bianca Helmus
  4. Frank Boyaner and Jean Mullan
  5. Heidi Cloutier and Connor Quinlan
  6. Tom Neumann and Xiong Xue
  7. Stefan Bilan
  8. Eric Andrews and Devin Linnington
  9. Jason McKenna – turned back early

Congratulations to all the sailors who took on this challenging race and winds. A big thank you to Carla Millar for organizing the day and creating a lovely new trophy.

NOTICE OF RACE: KSC Cat Regatta Saturday 26 August 2023

Saturday, 26 August 2023
Rain Date will be Sunday 27 August 2023
Registration: 0930-1000h
Skipper’s Meeting: 1010h
First start: 1045h
Final race before: 1515h

The Kanata Sailing Club is pleased to announce its 10th annual Open
Catamaran Regatta Saturday, 26 August 2023. This event is open to KSC
members. Guests are welcome to join as crew members if space is available.
Please let the sailing director know if you have guests who wish to sail. All types
of catamarans are welcome to compete.

There is no entry fee for this event. Just bring your smile and your energy.

Lunch and beverages are provided by the sailors themselves. We suggest you
assemble your lunch to enjoy on the deck as we will break during the race for a
short lunch, around 45 mins in length. Depending on the weather , lunch time will
be discussed at the skippers meeting. BYO Water and snacks, to consume on
the water.

  1. Registration will begin online the evening before ( Friday 25 August ) starting
    at 1900h by sending the sailing director an email at
    sailing@kanatasailingclub.com or in person at 0930 -1000h, the day of the race.
    For KSC members, KSC boats will be available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
    You must have a RED TAG or Green Tag (RS 16 Cat) to skipper a KSC Cat.
  2. Skipper’s meeting is at 1010h at the Clubhouse back deck.
  3. First start will be no earlier than 1045h. We will not start the final race after

The course will consist of multiple windward/leeward laps approximately 1-2 km
apart (depending on wind), with a mid-course entry and reaching finish. (formal
Sailing Instructions will follow.)

This event is meant to be fun but some competitive spirit is always welcome, just
leave your cat claws at home.

Your Acting Sailing Director,
Carla Millar, sailing@kanatasailingclub.com

Steve & Mark won the '23 12mi island race

12 Mile Island Race

Last Saturday’s 12 Mile Is race (held July 22nd) brought with it warm sunny skies with highs of 25c and winds from the west northwest at 10 kts. The wind pouring in from up river promised to also deliver gusts of 20 kts throughout the day and the idea that rounding the island would give the sailors the ability to cut loose and fly downwind back towards the club. With 9 sailboats all vying for bragging rights and the top winning prize, the weather didn’t fail.

The first to cross the start line was Steve and Mark in the Tasar. They did not disappoint as they beated up river towards the island in just under 2 hours. The 50 minute ride back gave their tense and tired muscles a much needed brake as they soared back and planed downwind to a 4th spot elapsed time finish just behind the 3 catamarans. Their sailing handicap placed them at the head of the leader board with several boats yet to finish.

Rob and Bianca in the Hobie 18 repeated their first place elapsed time result from 2 years ago. The wind didn’t allow for any dining on board this time as it was all hands on deck to deal with the winds. The handicap pushed them back into 3rd place while awaiting the other results.

Heidi and Connor, our fearless sailing instructors, very quickly took over the lead on their way up to 12 Mile Is. in the Hobie 18. As they approached the island, they pondered “How does one exactly gybe this beast anyway?” Having not yet read the Cat sailing manual, Connor resorted to a type of “parkour” sailing style as he threw the tiller extension one way around the back of the boat while simultaneously diving under the boom and catching said tiller on the other side. With thoughts of capsizing swirling in her head with each of these maneuvers, Heidi suffered a trapeze wardrobe malfunction and found herself launched and landing on her skipper Connor in the middle of his parkour maneuvers. A miraculous third place finish would have to suffice for the time being.

Frank and Jean, sailing the stylish RS cat, set out with hopes of an exhilarating ride, planing and surfing their way back to the club. The winds delivered but denied them their lunch experience on the water except for a quick snack of boiled eggs that Frank exclaimed was “the best thing ever!“

Ken, racing in his Laser, streamed across the finish line in quick time, shortly behind the Tasar despite the death roll practices he performed on the way back to the finish, proving again that one can be ejected from a laser and make it back in the boat in just under 1 minute.

Stephan, in the “Bomb” Bombardier, settled in for a full day’s sailing along with his construction cooler filled with a days allotment of food. Finding himself hungry before arriving up river to Pinhey’s Point, Stefan reached for 1 of the many items packed away in his cooler only to have his boat simultaneously give up both hiking straps. While tumbling upside down into the water, Stefan could only think of one important thing: My Cooler! A few successful man overboard maneuvers brought back the food bin into the boat, while Stefan faced some tricky sailing for the rest of the trip without any hiking straps.

Tom and newly qualified sailor Xiong set out in the Quest for the challenge of rounding 12 miles Is. With Tom sporting an old but new bright orange Dry Top, it was sure to allow us the ability to spot him where ever they sailed on the river. He was heard exclaiming that it was now “his new best friend.” This is Xiong’s first rounding. Congratulations are in hand.

Eric and Devin brought up the rear in the other Quest. The two red heads left in a pale condition when they set out only to return in a lovely shade of “pink lobster” upon arrival. 5 hours and 30 minutes in the sun was a challenge to both but they made it safely back to the club. Well done.

Special thanks to Jason who escorted the flotilla as far as Pinhey’s point in his sporty Musto.

Results including Portsmouth Yardstick Handicap

  1. Steve Harrington and Mark Cooligan
  2. Ken Skublics
  3. Rob Zgraggen and Bianca Helmus
  4. Frank Boyaner and Jean Mullan
  5. Heidi Cloutier and Connor Quinlan
  6. Tom Newman and Xiong Xue
  7. Stefan Bilan
  8. Eric Andrews and Devin Linnington

Carla Millar
Acting Sailing Director and Event RC

An island 12 miles away

NOTICE OF RACE: KSC 12 Mile Is. Regatta Saturday 22 JULY 2023

Saturday, July 22nd
Registration : 0930 -1000
Skipper’s Meeting 1000
Start right after the skipper’s meeting
Last Racer start no later than 1100

The annual 12-Mile-Island (Harry Adderly) Regatta has been held since 2011. It is KSC’s longest distance race. Depending on boat used and wind conditions, the rounding of the island can take from 2.5 to 5 hours (with 3-4 hours being typical). Participating in the 12-Mile-Island Regatta (and completing the rounding) counts as a rounding for the Harry Adderly and Ken Eaves sponsored 12-Mile-Island Challenge.

Eligible Sailors/Boats KSC members with boat sign-out privileges and their guests are welcome to enter the event. Boats signed out on a first come basis. So get there early.

Classes and Starts : All dinghy classes including monohulls and multihulls are permitted to race. Portsmouth Numbers will be used to determine the handicap rating for each class and to calculate the Corrected Time (CT) for each boat’s Elapsed Time (ET).

There will be one start — monohulls and multihulls will be required to start between 1000h and 1100h. This is intended so that competitors will finish closer to the same time. A self timed start and finish using the honour system will be used for this event. A mark will be placed out on the water creating a line between the jetty at KSC and the mark. You are to use this line as your start. You are to pass the times on to the sailing director upon finishing at sailing@kanatasailingclub.com or by cellphone (provided onsite). Your Actual time will be calculated using the PN handicap numbers to determine the scores.

Entry Fee : There is no entry fee

Registration : Online Registration to the sailing director’s email address to sailing@kanatasailingclub.com until 11:59pm Friday 21 July 2023 or On-site Registration at the KSC clubhouse on Saturday 22 July 2023 starting at 0930h and continuing until 1000h.

Formal Sailing Instructions (SIs) will be communicated at the skippers meeting at 1000.

Bring your own food and fluids for your sailing journey and for any meals you choose to have after the event. The Deck and BBQ are open.

We will not leave you on the water. I will be on site for the start and available for any urgent help if needed as RC and crash boat until end of the race. No crashing please. I will give out my cell phone number to you all at the skippers meeting. The KSC instructors are welcome to race that day.

Race Finish: The sailing race will officially end at 1700h or 5:00 pm. Bragging rights go anyone who finishes the entire race especially to the top three finishers. Prizes will be awarded.

Carla Millar Acting Sailing Director – KSC sailing@kanatasailingclub.com

Race Night Tuesday 27 June 2023

Hello KSC Sailors out there:

What started out to be another drift fest for race night with about 4 kts of wind quickly became a challenging windy race event. With 5 sailboats set to hash it out for top spot on  the leaderboard, the wind picked up to 10 kts towards the start of race 1 with gusts of 18 kts then held steady throughout the rest of race 2. Carla and Steve on the 29er didn’t disappoint as they demonstrated to the fleet how to capsize in the middle of a spinnaker kite dousing while simultaneously being nailed by a gust. Jean, with Annie flying by on the RS cat, saw an opportunity of pulling ahead especially since Jason on the Musto Skiff adopted the same capsizing tactics as Steve and Carla.  Unfortunately hope of a win for Jean and Annie were dashed once Carla and Steve managed to douse their kite in the water then right the 29 er and sail on to victory in Race 1. Fear of running over the entire fleet Jean and Annie settled for a 3rd place finish.  Mike L, happily sailing in the laser and full of McDonald’s hamburgers, passed by in second place while Tom, Marc W and our newbie and ever so keen learner Ruth (welcome Ruth) held tight in 4th place.  Race 2 didn’t disappoint either. Jason felt a few more capsize practices are always a good thing so proceeded to carry on. Annie and Jean heard a cold bevvie calling their names so bailed after race 1 and the trio of Marc, Tom and Ruth held steady to capture 3rd place. Race Results are as follows. 


  3. JEAN and ANNIE
  5. JASON

Race 2


– Carla Millar acting sailing director

[Editor note: Our current sailing director Mike Reece was injured in a hiking accident, Carla will be taking over race nights for the summer.]

Club boats on the beach

KSC June Update

Upcoming Events

Powerboat Training

We will be hosting powerboat training for those who have their PCO license already but aren’t familiar with our boats. Training will be held Friday, June 24th, at 6:30pm.

Social Sails

Various members will be hosting informal social sails this summer, starting with a sail to Aylmer on Sunday, June 26 for lunch at the new Le Bateau restaurant. Boats will leave at 11am for the ~30min sail over to Quebec.

This is the perfect opportunity for those who aren’t comfortable sailing by themselves to partake in a group trip. Whether solo, on helm, or as crew, all members who want to go will have a spot.

If you’re interested in organizing an event of your own feel free to contact me and I’ll gladly add it to our calendar and the next newsletter.

Race nights

Race nights are picking up again, starting this week they will be held every Wed at 6pm sharp. Be at the club early to rig the boats and get on the water before the race starts! Our training staff will be onsite to conduct the races so members can focus on the perfect jibe.

New Boats Arriving Soon

Fortunately our little club has scored a major win: we’ve secured funding for several new boats!
Everyone on the board is quite excited to announce the good news, however we’re not allowed to reveal all the details just yet.
Very soon you’ll hear more about the new vessels and the large improvement they’ll have to our training fleet.
And I can’t think of another sentence that starts with “A” but the funny formatting should be enough 😉

Catamaran Training

For those of us who don’t have our red tags yet, Ken is gauging interest in a cat training session this summer. Contact Ken if you’re interested in signing up for red-tag training, this is a one day training course that has a nominal fee.

Duty Days Going Old-School

Due to some technical difficulties with the previous calendar service, the board has decided to go with a more old-school approach to the duty day sign ups. The next time you’re at the club check out the pin-board for the duty day calendars:

Duty Day Signup Forms
Just put your name down for morning or afternoon on either Sat or Sun. Remember that all members are required to come help out for at least two half-day sessions.

Smaller Sails for the Bytes

Carla & Steve have been hard at work on a side project to get smaller, more controllable sails for the bytes. These are now ready and should be easier to sail for those members who are smaller in stature. A huge benefit is that they look and feel like a laser sail so should be more familiar than the usual byte rigging.

RS Quest Rigging

If you haven’t made it out to the Sat afternoon rigging sessions that Heidi has been hosting, you can find a nice rigging video up on our website here.

As always, if you have any comments/concerns, do bring them up with our board of directors.

That’s all for this week, see you out on the water!

Race Night #5 & 6

Final two race night results are in! Full tally will be calculated and announced later on.

August 2021

Race 1

  1. Zsombor
  2. Jason M
  3. Lewis
  4. Alex

Race 2

  1. Zsombor
  2. Jason M
  3. Lewis
  4. Alex

September 1st 2021

Race 1

  1. Steve
  2. Ken E. and Andy W.
  3. Carla
  4. Mike L
  5. Tony
  6. Mark (DNF)

Race 2

  1. Steve
  2. Ken E. and Andy W.
  3. Carla
  4. Mike L

12 Mile Island Results & Race Night #4

Race night Wed 11 Aug 2021

Only 3 boats showed for race night with very light winds but when we approached the start line the winds picked up to 12 kts or so and gave us a great couple of races. The odd configuration sent Carla in the wrong direction not once but twice with Ken in the steady lead. She caught him on a few legs but lost the challenge after a tough fight. Jean gave Liz her first intro to Cat sailing with smiles all around. They put in a competitive effort but the diminishing wind offered no breaks for the Hobie in the end and they were not able to finish the last race.


  1. Ken S  Race 1&2
  2. Carla Race 1&2
  3. Jean and Liz Race 1 and DNF Race 2

12 Mile Island Race Sat 14 Aug 2021

The morning started with promises of moderate winds WSW at 15 km. By start time for all 8 vessels, the rounding of 12 Mile Is. was going to be putting all of their sailing talents and skills to the test as the winds picked up from WSW 25-30 km.  The first of the sailboats set out with fair winds and hopes of glory, the Harry Adderley trophies for the taking and hopes of a stop at the Poutine Barge just up river. That’s what lured Leopol out with his mum Corinne in the Tasar. Until of course Corinne, in her eager bid to show Leopol how you sail in big wind, forgot the most important task on hand, PUTTING HER  FEET UNDER the hiking straps. Finding herself out of the boat and her son alone in the boat, Corinne’s attempt to not be totally left behind, discovered the hand grabs on the inside of the Tasar cockpit and hung on for dear life while being dragged alongside the sailboat for some distance. Round and round they went. Her desperate pleas to head up wind and un-cleat the Jib went unanswered as Leopol reminded her that he couldn’t with her demands by exclaiming “Mama my hands are much too sore, I can’t do that!.”  until finally Corinne found her way flopping onto the sailboat. A short trip was had as they eventually made their way back followed by another capsize pushed by winds of 25-35 kms that drove them to shore and Leopol again exclaiming “I cannot help you  Mama, my hands, Too Sore!!” Frank and Jean headed out in the Hobie 16, eager to finally get going, equipped with everything they needed for such a long arduous journey, including a full lunch spread prepared by Jean. Did I hear wine glasses clinking? NWN 30-44 km strong winds and driving waves forced the pair to turn back at the Marina, dashing any hopes of a beautiful lunch on board and trophy in hand. Steve set out in the “Farr 3.7” home built. Attempting to be Farr and away, Steve also made it as Farr as the Marina but decided that hanging off the trapeze wire with the winds now blowing a steady 30-35 kms with gusts and large waves that left him at times dangling and swinging off the wire like a puppet in a circus act wasn’t worth the long journey.  The other sailboats passing nearby did comment that he made trapezing look easy despite the winds.  He managed to stay upright all the way back and quite enjoyed the ride until the last minute, in front of a waiting crowd on shore, he proceeded to capsize while lifting his rudder. We enjoyed that for sure!. Devin rang the shore crew from an area still unknown further up river saying his large sail on his windsurfer type sailboat was too much for the conditions and decided to quit while he was ahead and turned around but not before informing us of Tom’s cruising in the Laser near the Quebec shore. Several capsizes later, we were informed by a nice guy on a SeaDoo that Tom needed rescuing. He was found doing his Blue Heron impersonation, wading along the sandy shore line in the  marshes looking for fish and any way out of not having to sail the Laser back. Cold and tired he was greeted with smiles by the rescue boat of Frank and Steve where he happily traded seats with Steve who sailed the Laser back. Glad you were OK Tom. Heidi, Zsombor and Csanad, sporting scant but fashionable swimsuits and life jackets, set out for their fun in the sun adventure in the Albacore. Armed with nothing but a jug of water and several granola bars, they reached the welcomed shores of Port of Call Marina. Half Frozen and in need of Poutine refuelling, they were found doing the lizard thing, baking on the rocks for 2 hours to absorb enough radiant heat to sustain them for the remainder of their trip around the Island. Returning in just over 7 hours and 5 mins, the crew likely set an all time record of the longest rounding. The rescue squad, AKA Frank, Jean and Steve were kept waiting for their safe return.  Frank, who was ready to leave hours beforehand, resorted to being a permanent fixture on his recliner beach chair yet again. Ken S. set out to have a leisurely fun sail in his laser but decided after the strong winds carried him practically to 12 Mile Island that he might as well just join the pursuit and continue in the hunt for that prized 1st place finish. Carla, the PRO, was convinced he had headed in the opposite direction and had likely gone to a pub somewhere to celebrate the nearing of the end of training season, when he failed to return after 2 and a half hours. After several death rolls and practice capsizes, Ken appeared unscathed to capture 2nd place.  That left the 8th vessel , the other Hobie 16, carrying Newlyweds Robert and Bianca, fighting for top spot on the leader board. Nearing the Island, the couple went searching for a secluded romantic spot to stay but left empty handed.  Armed with a competitive spirit, the newlyweds decided to head back to the KSC on a blistering fun, fast surf in a mere 2h 29 mins to capture 1st place.  Congrats!


  1. Robert and Bianca  1st place
  2. Ken Skublics,  2nd place
  3. Zsombor, Heidi and Csanad 3rd place
  4. The rest:  survived!

Carla—KSC Sailing Director