Race Nights

Race nights are held every Wed (starting June 12th, 2024) at 6:30pm sharp, be out on the water by 6pm.

If you are NEW to racing or not yet ready to sail please feel free to come down and meet the other sailors! If you are willing to crew with someone more experienced they can take you out so you can enjoy the race nights. Otherwise you can still help with race committee duties while you ride about in the committee boat. Cheering from shore is certainly acceptable as well. It is all in the name of fun and a great learning opportunity.

If you do plan on racing that evening it is best to arrive early to rig your boat, look for a boat to occupy with another sailor as crew or to help set the course with the instructors.

Racing Instructions:

A number of resources are available for the KSC sailor/racer. You don’t need to know all of these by heart, but it helps to take a look at the course, and a basic grasp of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) will get you far. The Sailing Instructions (SIs) is the document that “tunes” the RRS to our club setup, and has details about how we run races (and any “house rule” changes to the RRS).

Any questions or forms can be addressed to the sailing director or the commodore.

ISAF – Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) – 2017-2020

Course overview — Kanata Sailing Club – H Course

KSC 2017 – Evening Race Series – SI – Final


KSC – Protest Form – Final


Racing Resources

Sailing Resources