KSC Racing Update

Hi folks,

Your KSC Sailing Director here with some updates about racing the year.

First of all – if you’ve never been racing, come on out on a Wednesday, and we’ll get you in a boat! It’s a great excuse for a sail, it is totally laid back and friendly, and we have a ‘nobody left ashore’ policy. Show up at the club somewhere been 5:30 and 6:00, and we’ll match skippers/crew on the fly. If you want to sail, we’ll make it happen! New sailors welcome!

Ken, Steve, and Olivier/Tom (behind Ken’s sail) at the start line for Race 1

Looking for Organizers/volunteers – 12-Mile-Island, Cat Regatta

We have tentatively set dates of Saturday July 13 for the 12-Mile-Island race and August 10 for the catamaran regatta. If you have an organizational bent in you, or are otherwise interrested in helping out, please contact me at sailing@kanatasailingclub.com. The organization isn’t that difficult, it’s mostly get word of the event out to likely participants, and figure out if you need support like a race-committee (and if so, who’s going to do it).

Wednesday Race Season

Our annual weekday series is well underway. Once again, we’re aiming for short courses with lots of short races. The first couple of race nights went great (getting in 7 races over the two nights) but the 3rd race night was cancelled due to lack of wind. Hopefully we’ll get some luck in the coming weeks. Steve, Ken and Mike have taken an early lead (full standings below) but it’s not too late! We discard results for one out of every the races, so even if you’ve missed a few weeks, had a bad night in the standings, or anything like that then the scroring system automatically doesn’t count your worst results

Quest/Feva Head Start

Last year, we noticed that the RS Quests and RS Fevas were often at the back of the fleet. This might be because the boats (especially Feva) are a bit slower than the Lasers and cats, but also they tend to be favoured by the recent learn-to-sail grads and by sailors bringing families/guests out. Either way, we figured we’d give the RS boats a bit of a head start this year. It gives the veterans in their fast-and-fancy boats a challenge (can I catch the RS boats?) and it gives the RS boats a fighting chance to celebrate a victory, instead of be resigned to the back of the fleet. Mike and his family were the first winners in a Quest, taking the 3rd race. We might tweak the system a bit later in the season, but so far people seem to be liking the system.

Current Standings (update Jul 4, 2024)

2ndKen S(3.0)2.0(5.0)
3rdMike L2.03.01.0(6.0 DNC)(5.0)4.04.0(6.0)
4thNora2.0 Crew3.0 Crew1.0 Crew6.0 DNC(10.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)6.0 Crew1.0 Crew51.019.0
5thMark4.0 Crew4.0 Crew4.0 Crew1.0 Crew4.05.0(9.0)(8.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC)47.022.0
6thJason(9.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC)(7.0 DNC)6.0 DNC3.
7thLiz(9.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC)7.0 DNC6.0 DNC1.0 Crew1.0 Crew1.0 Crew(8.0 DNC)8.0 DNC49.024.0
8thRobert4. DNC)(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)
9thCarla6. DNC)(7.0)5.03.0(23.0 DNF)67.027.0
10thBurak2.0 Crew3.0 Crew1.0 Crew6.0 DNC(10.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC60.028.0
11thHannah(9.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC)7.0 DNC6.0 DNC3.0 Crew3.0 Crew2.0 Crew(8.0 DNC)8.0 DNC54.029.0
13thEllen(9.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC)7.0 DNC6.0 DNC4.0 Crew5.0 Crew(9.0 Crew)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC64.038.0
14thTom N7.0 Crew7.0 Crew6.0 Crew4.0 Crew6.0 Crew(8.0 Crew)(8.0 Crew)(8.0 DNC)8.0 DNC62.038.0
15thTony5.06.07.0 DNC6.0 DNC(10.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC72.040.0
15thMerve5.0 Crew6.0 Crew7.0 DNC6.0 DNC(10.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC72.040.0
15thJean5.0 Crew6.0 Crew7.0 DNC6.0 DNC(10.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC72.040.0
18thAaron(9.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC)7.0 DNC6.0 DNC8.0(10.0)6.08.0 DNC8.0 DNC70.043.0
19thAnnie(9.0 DNC)(8.0 DNC)7.0 DNC6.0 DNC6.0 Crew(8.0 Crew)8.0 Crew8.0 DNC8.0 DNC68.043.0
20thStephan(9.0 DNC)8.0 DNC7.0 DNC6.0 DNC(9.0)6.0(10.0)8.0 DNC8.0 DNC71.043.0
21stEric(8.0)(8.0 DNC)7.0 DNC6.0 DNC7.0(9.0)7.08.0 DNC8.0 DNC68.043.0
22ndShiela9.0 DNC8.0 DNC7.0 DNC6.0 DNC10.0 DNC(11.0 DNC)(11.0 DNC)(23.0 DNS)8.0 DNC93.048.0

KSC Racing 2024

Welcome to the KSC Racing Season, Wednesday nights this year, starting June 12.

I’m Jason, your sailing director this year at KSC, and I’m here today to convince you to come out racing. Racing at KSC is exceptionally informal, and is more “an excuse to hit the water” instead of a real competition. No expereince nessessary (racing experience or even sailing experience), and it’s all about fun. Oh yeah, it’s free too!

So, what you need to know:

  • Race starts at ~6:30 – I recommend you show up at the club sometime around 5:30-5:45, rig up, attend the skipper’s meeting at 6:00 and hit the water to sail for the race course
  • We tend to get in a large number of short races. So if you miss the first race, it’s no big deal
  • Nobody left ashore policy is in effect – if you want to sail/race, we’ll get you in a boat. Students welcome!
  • Food/beverages on the clubhouse deck after racing

I’ve updated our general purpose “Racing at KSC” document with details for interrested racers, but don’t worry, there’s a skipper’s meeting if you have any questions. Alternativly, just look around for someone who looks like they know what they’re doing – the verteran racers will bend over backwards to help you out and to make sure you have fun out there.

The wind forecast for this week looks nice, with a base wind of ~7-8 from the SW, and some stronger gusts building as the night goes on.

KSC Early Summer Update

Thank you for making Launch Day and the Open House such a success!

Save the Dates: June 8th for the Ontario Trillium Grant Recognition and Volunteer Thank You event and July 20th for SailPast!

Launch Day 2024 and Gas Shed Roof Replacement

Launch Day and Open House were a success!

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out on Launch Day (and other days) to lend a hand setting up the boats, the tent and readying the site for the sailing season and the Open House.

Open House 2024

The Open House had unexpectedly glorious weather and we had a great turnout of volunteers to welcome our 50 or so visitors. The Club was a-buzz with visitors who came by to checkout our stories, our people, and our boats and site throughout the day. As a result we had quite a few new signups for membership & training. Don’t fret though, there are still a few spots left for Adult Learn-to-Sail training, and a few more for Junior training!

Save these Dates – June 8th and July 20th!

On Saturday, June 8th at 1 pm, we will be hosting a ribbon cutting for the Ontario Trillium Grant Recognition Event including cake and refreshments (non-alcoholic). Members are invited to join in the celebration. VIPs from local & provincial government, as well as from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, have been invited to the event. We will be celebrating the generous Ontario Trillium Foundation grant received for our new T-shaped floating dock!

Following this celebration, members will have time to go sailing and then join in another little get-together around 5 pm with snacks and a toast to our many Club volunteers. The Volunteer Thank You Event is to thank our volunteers who are dedicated to running the Kanata Sailing Club by signing-up for Duty Day, helping to prep the boats and site on Launch Day, taking on repair projects, fixing boats, serving on the board of directors, helping with administrative tasks or in many, many other ways. Everyone is invited: those who volunteer all the time, those who volunteer when they can, and those who will volunteer in the future.

Sailpast potluck 2023
SailPast 2023

On Saturday, July 20th, we will be hosting our Annual SailPast. This is an opportunity to welcome our newest sailors and members to the Club. We sail past our Commodore with our brightly decorated boats and enjoy some time on the water together before we settle in for the grandest feast – a traditional suckling pig roast, salads and treats. It is a well-attended event, and we invite everyone to join in the fun! Watch for an email update from Tom, our social director, closer to the date.

Key New Faces at KSC – Welcome Steven and Sam!

Steven Parry, Head Instructor of the Adult Learn-to-Sail Program, and Samantha (Sam) Boulton, Head Instructor of the Junior Learn-to-Sail Program, are both new to KSC and started teaching on Tuesday, May 14th.

Steven has worked as a skipper, guide, and flotilla leader. He has 3 decades of sailing stories from around the world and guarantees engaging, interactive, and entertaining training sessions. He has been teaching students in Buckham’s Bay for the last 2 seasons. He has his CANSail 1 & 2 Instructor certification along with a long list of other credentials, including ASA Keelboat & Intermediate Coastal Cruising Instructor, RYA Commercial Yacht Master, and ICC International bareboat license. He has been the Director and owner of a yacht charter brokerage agency for 30 years.

Sam comes with 2 years of coaching experience from Nepean Sailing Club and is a certified CANSail Level 1 & 2 Instructor. She was responsible for teaching students the fundamentals of sailing in a fun, safe, respectful, and inclusive environment. She earned her CANSail Level 5 (at the age of 14) and has raced competitively, including at CORK International. She just completed her 1st year of Science in Marine Biology at Dalhousie University.

Welcome aboard Steven and Sam to the KSC team!

New AED, Dock, Gas Shed Renos… and a 5th RS Quest!

The KSC and board of directors are always thinking about ways to keep our Club members safe both on the water and off. This year we have a new device, the AED. What’s that you ask? It’s an automated external defibrillator. It is a portable electronic device that automatically diagnoses life-threatening cardiac issues and can be used to restart a person’s heart if it has stopped beating. The AED will be placed in a highly visible location in the clubhouse. An AED training date will also be announced. Thank you to Tim Stahl for championing this safety initiative.

Installation of the new floating dock 2024

If you haven’t had a chance to come down to the Club recently, you will be very pleased to see the new T-shaped floating dock has been installed. The KSC was fortunate to receive a generous grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation for a new dock composed of six lightweight sections plus gangway, with hand-safe connection points. This dock and associated coach boats enhance safe community access to the waterfront in this area.

When you come to the Club, you will also see a new roof on the gas shed. A big thank you goes out to Stephan Bilan and other volunteers who assisted. The project entailed raising the gas shed frame onto higher posts, stress-testing the structure’s integrity, reinforcing the roof and then the full re-shingling. Stay tuned for the next phase which will be siding and staining.

Why bother with all this repair? We could have bought a new shed. The answer is that KSC prefers to direct funds to new sailboats and accessories (spinnakers, better beach dollies, sailing storage!). Moreover, this is one of the ways we keep membership costs down.

Which brings us to the last but not least of what’s new at the Club. Unfortunately, we didn’t receive the OTF grant that we had hoped would cover the cost of the 5th RS Quest. Tragic. However, the good news is that the Club is doing well enough that we were able to buy RS Quest #5 out of current funds. This is one of the most family-friendly, popular boats in our fleet, and for good reason, as it is a wonderfully stable boat for newer sailors.

Bylaws, Strategic Plan, Club Rules, FAQs

Over the winter months, while the Club was asleep, the Bylaw Committee was hard at work and has updated the Club Bylaws to meet the new (2010) Ontario government regulations. The Committee members were Tim Stahl (chair) , Liz Prentice Hudson, Deb McPhedran, and Jean Mullan. The KSC board approved the final version which can be seen here, and this will be circulated to the KSC membership in advance of the Saturday, July 20th SailPast when we will ask for a membership vote on it. We’re pleased to formalize an unwritten part of KSC culture in these new Bylaws, in that the membership director is acknowledged to have broad discretionary powers, and a bonus: “Family” now includes all children still living at home, regardless of their age.

The Strategic Planning Committee was also hard at work over the winter.  Corinne Civalleri, Andre Violette, Genevieve Segu and Annie Miller (chair) met throughout the winter to develop the five pillars to guide our success for the the next five year period: 2025 – 2030.  The five pillars are membership, community, training, facilities (on shore and on water), and sustainability.  The Committee is currently fine tuning their document with a view to having their plan adopted by members’ vote at the Annual Meeting in the Fall.

The Club Rules and FAQs also needed modification to reflect the changes in the Bylaws. Behind the scenes, Mike Lepard updated the FAQs while Jean Mullan took on the task of updating the Club Rules with valuable input from others (Thanks, Carla!). The Club Rules will go to the board for final approval and then be posted to the KSC website. The FAQs are sent out to all new members as they sign up.

Did you notice how much was done over the winter? That’s because the sailing season is meant for sailing, and that’s what we’re going to be doing! We look forward to seeing you on the water, and at shore-side gatherings. This is your cottage in the city, your base for sailing the Ottawa River, and we hope you take ownership of all it has to offer.

Fair winds!

Lone invitation

KSC Spring Update

The snow is gone and before you know it we’ll be back on the water for the 2024 sailing season! We have a few updates and some important dates to mark on your calendar.

Registrations are Open

Just a reminder that membership and training registrations are open, you can signup on our website. We have the following training sessions available:

  • Adult Learn to Sail – 3 sessions available May to July including weekday evening and full-day classes.
  • Junior Learn to Sail – 9 sessions available July to Aug full-day (9-4:30) classes.
  • Family Learn to Sail – 1 session that overlaps LTS3 & JLTS2 which allows parents to learn along with their kids.

Launch Day – April 20th

Our 2024 Launch Day has been scheduled for Saturday, April 20th, starting at 9 am.

We need all current & past members on deck for this event where we’ll pull the boats out storage and prep the grounds for the upcoming season. There’s lots to do but it goes quickly if we have lots of help. Like every year, this will take place rain or shine. Be sure to bring gloves, boots and workwear with you. We will be removing the boats from the clubhouse, prepping boats with masts and rigging, and hauling some of the boats to the beach. The dock will wait for a later date (see below). A potluck lunch will follow, if you would like to bring something hold tight, more details will be sent soon.

Public Open House – May 4th

KSC Public Open House

The 2024 Public Open House has been scheduled for Saturday, May 4th, from 12-4pm.

The open house is when we invite members of the public to come check out the club and see what we’re all about. If you’re available that day, come on down to the club and bring along any of your interested friends or family. We’re located at 1610 Sixth Line Road along the Ottawa River.

New Dock Delivery and Installation – May 11th

Thanks to a Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) Capital Grant, the club was able to purchase a new T-shaped floating dock. The new dock is tentatively scheduled to be delivered and installed on Saturday, May 11th.

Wednesday Race Nights

This sailing season, Race Nights will be held on Wednesdays starting June 12 until August 28 (weather and water levels permitting) so you’ll want to put it in your schedule now. The 1st race usually starts around 6 pm so you’ll want to arrive early on race night to select and rig your boat, and get out to the race start in time.

RS Fevas and trainees

We’re Hiring!

Corinne & Carla, the KSC training directors, are looking for qualified instructors to join us for the 2024 training season. We have three positions available with different requirements for each:

  1. Head Instructor
    • Responsible for planning & delivering our sail training programs for adults, youths, and junior sailors
    • Supervises the other two assistants
    • Part time May-June, full time late June-August, $20-23/hour depending on qualifications
    • Requires
      • Certified CANSail instructor qualifications
      • Previous training experience
      • Membership with Sail Canada
      • Pleasure craft operators card
  2. Assistant Instructor
    • Assists head instructor to deliver our sail training programs
    • Part time May-June, full time late June-August, $19-21/hour depending on qualifications
    • Requires
      • Membership with Sail Canada
      • Pleasure craft operators card
  3. Beach Assistant
    • Manages the flow of junior sailors to/from shore and assisting the sailing instructors with on-shore activities
    • Min age of 13 years, no CANSail qualifications required
    • Part time or full time hours, July-August, $15-17/hour depending on experience

The full job description and requirements are on our website here: Instructors Wanted

And of course contact Corinne & Carla if you would like to apply.

2023 Sailpast

Greetings to KSC Members and Families & the Very Best for the 2024 New Year

Artist: Corinne Civalleri, Outgoing Commodore

2024 Social Events

Our social director Tom is putting together a few outings this winter while we wait for our warmer weather to return. He also has a number of events planned throughout the summer but more details to come.

On Sat Feb 17th we’re catching a local band called Capital Beatles at Buster’s Bar & Grill, tickets are $11.98 and can be purchased from their event link here. If you’re interested in going please RSVP to Tom directly.

If there is enough interest, sometime in March he will be organizing a snowshoe outing in Gatineau, which will take members for a 1hr guided loop ending at a nice bistro. If you’re interested in joining them please let Tom know.

2023 Annual Meeting & Highlights of the Year

This may have been a first: the meeting was held at the Britannia Yacht Club due to a “scheduling kerfuffle” at NSC.  Sweet digs! We spent little time admiring, and got down to business.

Commodore Corinne oversaw a Very Very Good year. A few of the highlights touched on at the Annual Meeting below. The entire 2023 KSC AGM presentation can be found online here.

Financial Statements

KSC Financials are looking healthy, and we have hopes and dreams to build on this going forward. There were some minor issues with the CRA but the purser will have those sorted soon. We’re entering into 2024 in a very strong position in no small part due to the grants awarded to the club.


A logo with a flower and text

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Fantastic news, we look forward to delivery of our new floating dock in the spring of 2024. The Ontario Trillium Foundation is generously funding this essential infrastructure to support community need for access to recreational facilities on the waterfront in Dunrobin/West March. We call for a party to recognize this OTF Grant in the spring! See the news item on our previous post: New Dock Coming in Spring 2024.

Harbourmaster Steve and Training Director Ken shared instructors’ feedback that the club’s RS Quests were easily the most popular, versatile family-friendly boats that KSC owned, and we could do with more. Having two more would allow members to sail their favourite boat recreationally even while classes were going on. We invested in number four in September, and we have applied for an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant to purchase the fifth. We’ll know by late February.

KSC has received over $146k in grants over the last 3 years, huge thank you to the volunteers who’ve made that happen!


Membership has grown! Counting every single head, KSC membership stood at 135… a recent record! Another reason we really need two more RS Quests. Single & Family memberships are up this year, and a new member survey results were positive overall.


Lots of website cleanup and a new membership/training sign-up form was setup for 2023. There are quite a few website updates planned for 2024, if you see any pages that could use some sprucing up please contact Devin our website director.


Members re-shingled the clubhouse roof in a single weekend in late September. If we’d known it was going to be such a source of merriment, we’d have done it sooner. Shout-out to Capital Services of Stittsville who provided much-appreciated expertise and labour-saving heavy equipment.  We were fortunate on the day of the big push, in that the winds were as low as they could be at 0 knots gusting to 2… Great for roof work… Tragic for sailing. 

Hydro-Ottawa first teased us by installing new poles in April. Then we waited…In Hydro’s defence, the May derecho redirected their manpower, and then they went on strike for 3 months during which time KSC was not a high priority.  But, in early November, Hydro completed the final touches, energized the lines, and voila! Hydro is back.


Learn-to-Sail adult and junior training programs went extremely well with seasoned instructors Heidi and Connor at the helm, both of whom are moving on in their lives and careers. Our pleasure at this is bittersweet, as we will miss them and their calm expertise. New instructors will be needed for next year, if you know of anyone who would be interested (and has their CANSAIL training certificate) please contact Corinne & Carla, the new training directors.

Also if you notice new green tags on the board this is a new category for members who’ve completed their first cat sailing course and are eligible to sail the RS Cat 16s. Once they have some experience on those they can take a more advanced cat course to get their red tags for sailing the Hobie 18s.


Fleet renewal has had a very positive impact on the club & membership. A RS Quest was purchased at a steep discount at the end of last year and as mentioned we are applying for another grant to purchase our fifth Quest this year.

KSC also welcomed a sporty 470 to the fleet at the end of the season. This boat was a donation (thank you!) and enthusiastically refurbished. It’s a technical boat, and a blast for experienced sailors.

Refurbished 470
Members try out newly refurbished 470

The RS Cat 16 has had warranty repair to its hull and will be back for 2024 season.

A very sweet white Kevlar canoe was donated to the club, and is another item available to all members. On low wind days, it’s an option if you aren’t in the mood for low-wind practice.


Social Sailing events contended with the full range of challenging wind conditions, high to low, but we enjoyed outings to Aylmer Beach, Pinhey’s Point, and Twelve Mile Island to boot. One particularly memorable September event was cannily re-branded as a high wind monohull training session, with plenty of capsize recovery practice.  Beehive manoeuvres, anyone? Sailpast offered fine winds, and Commodore Corinne continued the grand tradition of offering a non-denominational, even secular blessing to the fleet as it sailed past under fine control. The new tradition of BBQ suckling piglet was repeated, and as every part of the animal was well-received, we’re likely to continue. Tony’s roasting program is spectacular. After dinner, two facilitators, Bianca and Barbara, arranged entertainment and made certain that we got to know each other a little better. Bravo: we’d like a repeat!


There 6 race nights and 11 races total, unfortunately weather didn’t cooperate well this year but fingers crossed for the 2024 season.

You can find race & regatta award results on our post KSC Awards and Race Results.

Members rigging popular RS Quest sailboat
Members rigging popular RS Quest sailboat


The absolute sailing season this year extended for a total of 204 days (almost 7 months), from April 15 to Nov 4 inclusive. October 27 would have made a spectacular last day, with winds gusting up to 28 knots. Only one experienced sailor ventured out and enjoyed 4 near capsizes in a Laser, discouraging the pair of wafflers on shore. That might have been the last day, but the water was still warm enough for obsessive types in wetsuits who ventured out November 4 in forgiving winds. 

KSC Members Facebook Group

If you haven’t yet joined our private Facebook page, consider it. The name of the page is “Kanata Sailing Club Members” and is available to past/present members. It’s where you can post KSC experiences and news you want to share, or announce your interest in having company when heading out sailing / hiking / skating, whatever. 

Make sure we can recognize your name! If KSC knows you as Paul, but your Facebook name is unknown to us, lend us a hand figuring out the connection. If you’ve requested to join and we haven’t replied please send Mike our membership director a reminder.

Governance Items

Outgoing Directors: Ken, Rob and Mike

We are losing two long-term directors, Ken Skublics and Rob Zgraggen, who merit standing ovations for their outstanding direction at a difficult time.  

You may not have known this, but Rob opened members’ eyes to the dire straits we were in, in the “before-times”, calling for action in no uncertain terms. The club appreciates his directness, as it was so valuable in challenging times. Rob served as Purser for three critical years, starting in 2020, and hands over a healthy reserve to the incoming board! 

“Not so much a directorship, more of a lifestyle choice” is a fair description of the KSC Training Director’s role. Ken served as Training Director for four years, and training, you should know, is the front-line mission for the club. Things happen that must be handled, and tough calls made, and Ken was there with the swift well-balanced decision. People needed information, often the same information more than once, and Ken made himself (patiently) available. To give you an inkling of the job, two people will be taking it over now that he’s retiring from the position. If we could just remember the details of his decision-making process and bottle some of his reliability, we’d be solid.

Ken, and Rob: thank you both so much for setting us up for success. What we do with that generous set-up is up to the new board now.

Mike Reece is formally leaving the Sailing/Racing Director position, but we hope he volunteers to return in future to implement his plans. This year, he had to focus on immediate issues, and hand-off this year’s racing agenda to Acting Sailing director, Carla Millar. We so appreciate that Carla stepped in to run the racing program in 2023, not to mention her design of the newest trophy.  We’re fortunate that Carla has agreed to second our new training director this year. As mentioned above, that’s a big ask.

New Board of Directors for 2024

Commodore – General
Deb McPhedrancommodore@kanatasailingclub.com
Vice-CommodoreTim Stahlvicecommodore@kanatasailingclub.com
MembershipMike Lepardmembership@kanatasailingclub.com
TrainingCorinne Civalleri & Carla Millartraining@kanatasailingclub.com
SiteTony Hendrikxsite@kanatasailingclub.com
SocialTom Neumannsocial@kanatasailingclub.com
HarbourmasterSteve Harringtonharbourmaster@kanatasailingclub.com
PurserGenevieve Segupurser@kanatasailingclub.com
Website/CommsDevin Linningtonweb@kanatasailingclub.com
SailingJason McKennasailing@kanatasailingclub.com
Corporate SecretaryOlivier Clerccorporate@kanatasailingclub.com

Worthy of note is that three new/relatively new club members with plenty of experience, either sailing or board position experience, have agreed to join the new board: Tim, Genevieve, and Olivier. We are very excited to have them.  Sailing (aka Racing) is also looking very interesting with Jason returning to direct us. Corinne and Carla will brilliantly cover training challenges, starting with finding new instructors. If anybody knows a potential candidate, do not hesitate to reach out to them.

Let’s welcome back returning board members Mike, Tony, Tom, Steve and Devin in the same roles, but now to fulfill their plans for world domination.

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Anne-Marie Miller: Lead
  • Genevieve Segu
  • Corinne Civalleri

What do we cherish most about the club, and should we make moves to preserve those aspects? Can you see particular challenges ahead? Where do we want to go from here? We’ll hear from the members of this committee in 2024, asking us questions like that. The aim is to tap into members’ knowledge, inspiration and hopes to guide the club’s direction the following five years: 2025-2030.  

By-Laws Committee

  • Tim Stahl: Lead
  • Liz Prentice-Hudson
  • Jean Mullan
  • Deb McPhedran

Our by-laws, articles of incorporation, and related policy items require updating to meet current governance requirements. We’re highly motivated to complete these, particularly the bylaw update, to retain control of the details, and prevent the application of boilerplate government-authored bylaws instead. You’ll be hearing from this committee too, as special meetings will be required for your votes.

Safe Sport Team

  • Carla Millar: Lead
  • Olivier Clerc: Screening Officer

Treat others well. Don’t be inappropriate. There are safeguards in place, and rules and repercussions around this matter. The club will continue to advance a respectful sport culture that delivers quality, inclusive, accessible, welcoming and safe sport experiences.

Looking Forward to 2024

With the line-up of volunteers above, and all the generous ongoing volunteer efforts we continue to enjoy, the Kanata Sailing Club is poised for a sparkling 2024! 

To all members and their loved ones: Fair Winds and Following Seas! See you on the water!

Deb McPhedran, Commodore

(And a huge thanks to Jean for her help putting this newsletter together -ed)

Land acknowledgement

The Kanata Sailing Club is located on the traditional, unceded territory of the Anishnaabe Algonquin nation. We are guests on this land, and commit to honoring these peoples, lands and waters.

Race night in late season

KSC Awards and Race Results

Commodore Corinne Civalleri presenting the KSC Founding Member’s Award to 2018 recipient Tom Saunders, Past KSC Director of Training. Congratulations and thank you Tom!

Kanata Sailing Club Founding Member’s Award

The Kanata Sailing Club (KSC) Founding Member’s Award was created to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Kanata Sailing Club in honour of the founding members of the club. This trophy is given to the member who has made outstanding contributions to the KSC and to the spirit of community sailing.

The past few years have been challenging for the Kanata Sailing Club both financially and through all the Covid-19 restrictions. Many members stepped in to help guide us over these hurdles putting the club in a better situation financially and accomplishing some big projects at the same time.

Since this award was forgotten for quite some time (it was above the sign-out board! -ed), the idea to resurrect and award this trophy at the KSC Annual Meeting (AM) for past years seemed appropriate. Thank you to the members who submitted the nominations in a very short timeline and for those who volunteered to be judges on the selection committee. We received 18 nominations! Next year, more time will be given for the nomination process and for volunteers to step forward for the selection committee.

The recipients for the KSC Founding Member’s Award for the past 6 years are:

  • 2018 Tom Saunders
  • 2019 Frank Boyaner
  • 2020 Ken Skublics
  • 2021 Deborah McPhedran
  • 2022 Steve Harrington
  • 2023 Stefan Bilan

Congratulations to all the recipients for your outstanding contributions, leadership and commitment to keep our club viable through these past challenging years. We appreciate your time and dedication.

Congratulations Mark Cooligan – 2023 Winner of the 12-Mile Island Circumnavigation Challenge for the Single-handed Monohull and Catamaran trophies

12-Mile Island Circumnavigation Challenge Awards

Since 2002, experienced KSC sailors have challenged each other to see who can sail 15 km upriver to 12-Mile Island, round the island and return to the club the most times in a season from opening day to closing day. Three trophies were donated to the members by Ken Eaves and the late Harry Adderley, who designed and fabricated the trophies.

This year, there were 16 competitors with 27 roundings of the island, plus an additional rounding after closing day. One of the competitors rounded 12-Mile Island 11 times winning 2 of the trophies – an extraordinary feat! The 2023 winners for the 12-Mile Island Circumnavigation Challenge trophies are:

  • Mark Cooligan, who won both the single-handed monohull (4 roundings) and catamaran (6 roundings) trophies with a total of 11 roundings as he also rounded the island once in a double-handed monohull with Steve Harrington.
  • Steve Harrington and Carla Millar won the double-handed monohull trophy for a total of 3 roundings, plus an additional rounding after closing day. Steve also had 2 additional roundings of the island, one solo and another with Mark Cooligan.

Congratulations to all the 2023 competitors for participating in this challenging, fun competition.

KSC Sailing Season – Final Race Series Results

This year’s weekly race series, held on Tuesday nights, went from low/no wind evenings to big winds/waves evenings, where you had to hang on to your tiller and sheets hoping not to capsize!

We had 24 participants come out to compete over the course of the summer series, including many new members. The apres race BBQs were always fun, where stories were shared and bragging rights observed on our newly renovated deck. A big thanks to the instructors Heidi Cloutier and Connor Quinlan for setting up the course and providing the RC boat which occasionally helped sailors needing assistance by righting their boats or towing them back to shore due to the low winds.

The top 10 finishers for the 2023 Final Race Series are:

  1. Steve Harrington
  2. Carla Millar
  3. Mark Cooligan
  4. Liz Prentice Hudson
  5. Jean Mullan
  6. Jason McKenna
  7. Annie Miller
  8. Rob Zgraggen
  9. Mike Lepard
  10. Tom Neumann

Congratulations to all the competitors for coming out each week and a special thanks to Carla Millar for stepping in as Sailing Director when Mike Reece broke his ankle.

Carla Millar presenting Steve Harrington and Mark Cooligan with 12-Mile Island Race Day trophy

12-Mile Island Race Day

It was a big day for the 12-Mile Island Race Day with shifty winds. There were 15 competitors in 9 boats including one of our new learn-to-sail graduates.

To enjoy the hilarious details of that event, you will want to read (or re-read) the race report by event organizer Carla Millar on the overboard coolers, broken hiking straps and death roll capsize practises.

Congratulations to Steve Harrington and Mark Cooligan on winning the 2023 12-Mile Island Race Day. List of 2023 finishers and participants:

  1. Steve Harrington and Mark Cooligan
  2. Ken Skublics
  3. Rob Zgraggen and Bianca Helmus
  4. Frank Boyaner and Jean Mullan
  5. Heidi Cloutier and Connor Quinlan
  6. Tom Neumann and Xiong Xue
  7. Stefan Bilan
  8. Eric Andrews and Devin Linnington
  9. Jason McKenna – turned back early

Congratulations to all the sailors who took on this challenging race and winds. A big thank you to Carla Millar for organizing the day and creating a lovely new trophy.

New Dock Coming in Spring 2024

Ontario Trillium Foundation Capital Grant to Rejuvenate Kanata’s Community Sailing Centre in Spring 2024

Thanks to a $37,900 Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) Capital Grant, the purchase of a new T-shaped dock will help the Kanata Sailing Club continue to address the community need for safe, well-managed recreational spaces on the waterfront in Dunrobin Shores/North Kanata. This new dock, selected for lightness and hand-safe connection points, will rejuvenate our waterfront facility, extending its service-life and reducing health and safety risks.

The club is looking forward to accepting delivery of this new dock at the earliest possible installation date in the Spring of 2024.

Thank you to the Ontario Trillium Foundation!

Lone boat on a distant shore

KSC Fall Update

Hello Sailors!

Closing Day

KSC closing day for 2023 will be Saturday, October 14th starting at 9am. This is where we move all the boats up from the beach and ready the clubhouse for yet another long winter. As we always say, many hands make light work so please do your best to show up and help out! This event is rain or shine, bring some gloves and dress for the weather. We’re also looking for volunteers to don a wet suit and help haul in the dock, I’ll be sure to bring mine but could definitely use some help.

Like most years we are going to have a potluck afterwards so bring along your favourite food items. We’ve created a spreadsheet for members to add what they are bringing so we can take stock:


Call for Board Members

The directors had a good discussion about this topic and we wanted to acknowledge the tremendous effort our members are making to help out. From major site renovation projects to small housekeeping tasks, it’s you the members that keep this club going. So a huge thank you for all that you do!

This year we have a number of board members that will be exiting their roles, and we are looking for anyone that would be willing to jump in and help out. Since it may not be obvious what each director does, here’s a brief description of each:

  • Commodore – The captain of the ship, this role helps bind the whole organization together and keeps us moving in the right direction. Ultimately responsible for the safety and security of the club.
  • Vice-Commodore – Pulling in the big bucks with all the grant applications, this role is mostly to fill gaps in the org and help take on tasks which don’t have an obvious owner.
  • Membership – Looks after our members of course, this role is for making sure everyone is happy and keeps track of who is joining and how to get more people to sign up.
  • Training – An important job in a teaching club like ours, this role hires the instructors and keeps our training classes running year after year.
  • Site – Handles all the hardware that isn’t stainless, this role keeps the clubhouse and the land it sits on in tip top shape.
  • Social – Our official event planner, this role coordinates events and works closely with the Sailing and Membership directors to keep our members active in the club.
  • Harbourmaster – Boats boats and more boats, this role keeps our fleet on the water and in ready-to-race condition.
  • Purser – Fundamental to the operation of any non-profit, this role keeps tabs on the credits and debits and ultimately signs all the cheques.
  • Website & Communications – Separate positions that have been commonly held by the same person. This role manages our KSC website and sends out all these perfect communiques, always on time, and with absolutely no spelling or grammatical mistakes at all.
  • Sailing – The perfect job at a sailing club after all, this role works closely with the Social director to coordinate special sailing events and organizes the weekly race series.
  • Corporate Secretary – Also fundamental for a non-profit, the secretary is responsible for recording important decisions and cataloguing the corporate history of the club.

If any of these sound like something you can help out with, even if not officially or even if a board member is still occupying the role (like me!), please reach out to our commodore Corinne. You can make a big difference to the operation of our club, and the directors would really appreciate the help.

Annual General Meeting

On that note, the KSC AGM will be held at the Nepean Sailing Club, Harbourview conference room on Thursday, November 23rd starting at 7pm. This event is where we review the operation of the club for the last year and gives the membership a chance to voice their opinion on the handling and direction of the club.

We will be hosting the event in person and by Google Meet, meeting link & call-in numbers provided in the event link above (click the date). Feel free to come early and have a bite to eat and a pint with the other early birds. The Harbourview room is next to the pub on the 2nd floor.

If you have photos of sailors or other happenings around the club, please upload them to our drive and we’ll present them at the meeting as well as find a place for them on our website:


Financial reports and previous AGM minutes will be provided before the event to review.