Harbourmaster Update

Laser and Byte Rudders

Rudders and tillers sink if they come off on the water and cost $800 to replace. You will be billed if you lose one. You can prevent prevent this sad and expensive event from happening to you by making sure the clips, retaining pins and extra shackles are properly positioned and attached to your rudder before launching. Do not remove that extra shackle, USE IT!! Clip it on the the rudder. Replace it if it has gone missing. These shackles were installed last year as an extra safety measure to help save you that $800.

Please Report Damage

The following picture is a hole someone punched into a Laser. To do this much damage took a hard impact and there’s no way it happened without noticing. It was left without letting anyone know, nothing in the log, no message to any board member. This isn’t acceptable. Sometimes accidents happen and repairs have to be made. Even long time sailors have things go wrong that result in damage. But accept responsibility and let someone know so that it can be fixed. We can even teach you how to fix it.