8th Annual Open Catamaran Regatta Results

The wind lured 3 Catamarans to the start line in this years Cat Regatta  event this past Saturday at KSC. The race consisted of 6 legs of an upwind-downwind configured race course set again by our experienced Club member Steve H and Instructor Annie M. Each leg took about 30 mins to complete. After juggling the crew and skippers about we had Tony and Jean in the Nacra 17, Tom, Alanis and Liam in the Hobie 18, Eric and Annie in the Hobie 16. The race was a bit delayed because the Hobie 16 decided to solo it without any crew at all only to find Eric jumping aboard and rescuing said Hobie from a near death experience on the reef.  He was then able to circle round and collect his skilled crew member Annie from end of the jetty. The start went off without a hitch. Noon found us with  an uninvited rain squall that came through after the second leg that sent all sailors and race committee (Carla and instructor Annie) darting back to shore where we shared a fabulous lunch on the back deck. The race resumed shortly after,  finishing with 2 more races. Tony and Jean tried out their new Gennaker only to find it didn’t quite offer the lift they had expected as it became a bit of a sea anchor and upset their first place position from the start line,  so was abandoned after several tries. Tom who recently earned himself a Red Tag, posted brilliant finish results and truly found his calling as a Cat Skipper. Eric, found lounging off the stern of the Hobie 16, enjoyed the day with Annie and managed to give a competitive chase to the other 2 cats. The results are as follows: 

“Top Cat award” (1st place) went to Tom N, Alanis and Liam – Hobie 18

“Second Place Cat award” went to Tony and Jean –  Nacra 17

“Kitten award” went to 3rd place finishers Eric and Annie – Hobie 16

Congratulations to everyone, thanks for your participation and sharing in the fun.